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It’s quite a feat to earn a reputation for building the world’s ultimate driving machines. It’s quite another to maintain that reputation. To help keep its identity for driving excellence, BMW has to find new and exciting ways to keep drivers engaged. From the purity of the original 1980s M3 to the cutting-edge technology of the i8, the brand constantly pushes the limits. BMW is stepping into new territory again with the arrival of the 2023 XM plug-in hybrid sport SUV. Rather than a unicorn sports car, BMW has put its engineering might into developing a pinnacle performance SUV with its latest features and boldest design elements. 

The 2023 BMW XM arrives amid BMW’s electrification push. The XM itself is not a fully electric SUV – instead, it’s a plug-in hybrid SUV. But where previous BMW sports hybrids have left critics wanting more performance, the XM looks to be a proper show-stopper. Here are a few BMW XM features that are likely to garner attention.

1. It’s a plug-in hybrid with V8 performance

When hybrids first appeared, they quickly gained a reputation for offering meager performance in favor of efficiency. But plug-in hybrids are beginning to buck that trend by producing impressive power. The new XM takes it further, pairing a sophisticated BMW plug-in hybrid system with a twin-turbocharged V8. The Drive reports some impressive specs.  

The XM uses a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with an electric motor, eight-speed automatic transmission, and standard all-wheel drive. Combined output comes to 644 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. Per the Drive, the XM can hit 60 mph from a standstill in just 4.1 seconds – despite weighing over 6,000 pounds. Keep your foot on the accelerator, and the XM will top out at 155 mph. 

2. BMW’s first dedicated M car in years

The M badge has adorned BMW’s top-performance cars for decades. But this one is a bit different. The XM is the first dedicated M car in years. That is, it’s a standalone model instead of a performance version of an existing model. There is no non-M version of this SUV. It implies a singular focus on performance compared to BMW’s other SUV models. 

3. Over-under exhaust tips 

It’s not just performance features that helps the 2023 BMW XM grab people’s attention. BMW has gone for a bold look all over the SUV. Its exhaust pipes complement the SUV’s aesthetic well with stacked over-under dual tips on either side. With quad dumps, it’s clear that the XM doesn’t try to hide the fact that it has a powerful V8 under the hood.  

4. Unique headliner design features

The XM cabin is awash in eye-catching design features. The most noticeable feature is its textured headliner. The design uses triangles and diamonds of varying sizes and depths to adorn the ceiling. It’s the only headliner option in the XM – no glass roof is available. 

How Much is the 2023 BMW XM?

A new 2023 BMW XM drives along a desert mountain road.
2023 BMW XM | BMW

The 2023 BMW XM starts at $159,995. The steep price indicates the SUV’s status as the new BMW flagship. Start stacking optional BMW XM features on the configurator, however, and you could see that price balloon quickly. 

Is the 2023 XM the new king of the hill for sport SUVs? That’s yet to be determined. Its controversial looks keep racking up the negative reviews. But the new plug-in hybrid aims to uphold BMW’s reputation for producing quality driving machines.  


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