BMW Takes Electric Performance to the Next Level in 2021

We know BMW for a lot of things. Being reliable is questionable, depending on the year, but they are undoubtedly luxurious and capable of providing a performance-oriented experience. With the spiking popularity of all-electric vehicles, it is no surprise that 2021 begins the release of many completely new electric vehicles from so many different big-name car manufacturers like Cadillac and even Nissan. BMW won’t be left in the dust, however, because they are aiming to take performance to the next level with their all-electric options in the coming years.

Tip-toeing into electric performance

Although it has been pulled from production, the BMW i8 means a lot to the current production of the brand’s electric cars. It has shown that BMW is capable of producing an impressive and futuristic hybrid car. More importantly, it shows that the company can pair performance with reliability, and it gave BMW quite a splash as they entered the world of hybrid and electric performance. Ditching the hybrid drivetrain altogether, it is no surprise that after much success with their hybrid i8, they would continue on to provide all-electric options.

2019 BMW i8 Roadster | BMW

The BMW i4

The BMW i4 looks like it will continue the trend of the dreaded beaver fang grilles, but we love it anyway. This four-door sedan aims to match up to the impressive Porsche Taycan and will go on sale next year with an estimated sticker price of around $70,000. Combine great performance and handling with a reported 300-mile range impressively paired with 530hp.

2021 BMW i4 EV | BMW-
2021 BMW i4 EV | BMW

The BMW iNext

You may or may not heard of the all-new BMW iNext which is set for release at the end of 2021. This luxury SUV will take BMW performance and practicality to a whole new level. If you didn’t already love the BMW X4 and X6, the iNext is promised to be the future of all-electric SUVs for the brand. There is no lack of true EV styling with the iNext, and although the name doesn’t do the car justice, we are still excited to see them hit the roads.

The sleek and understated iNext crossover parked under a low-hanging tree.
2021 BMW Vision iNext | BMW

What Would a BMW i4 M Need to Be Successful?

In the next few years, we are expecting the release of several all-new completely electric vehicles. As many manufacturers step up to make their options competitive, it’s no surprise to see BMW tossing their hat into the ring.