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The adventure bike segment has blown up over the past handful of years. At the same time, retro-styled bikes like Royal Enfield and Triumphs have also grown in popularity. Considering the market trends, the late ’80s and early ’90s BMW R100GS bikes are right in the sweet spot. Like this 1994 BMW R100GS on Bring a Trailer, the market has yet to blow up, meaning there are still factory original bikes that you can buy for a reasonable price. However, these prices aren’t likely to last much longer. 

1994 BMW r1000GS
1994 BMW r1000GS | Bring a trailer

How much is an original BMW R100GS worth? 

Like everything else, these bikes can vary in price depending on spec, condition, and mileage. After the adventure film Long Way Round, the BMW GS line burst from enthusiast circles into the mainstream. But, before this film, the GS line meant something else. The R80GS and R100GS were kings of the most grueling motoring event ever conceived, the Paris Dakar Rally. 

Over 30 years later, these same hard-ass bikes are still kicking and ready for adventure, which is why we are highlighting this 1994 BMW R100GS currently for sale on Bring a Trailer. While it is not uncommon to see a fully-restored verison for close to $10k, this one seems to be flying under the radar at the moment. 

1994 BMW R100GS for sale on Bring a Trailer 

According to RideApart, Bring a Trailer recently listed this gorgeous black and yellow liveried R100GS. If this colorway seems familiar, it’s becuase BMW has just brought it back for the GS-inspired RNineT Urban GS 40th anniversary

With only 24k miles on the clock, this BMW is still practically new. It’s not uncommon to see these boxer motor BMWs with over 50,000 miles, so 24,000 is no big deal. Think about this era BMW as a Toyota Tacoma with 100,000 miles. 

This R100GS has had the right modifications

1994 BMW r1000gs in "Bumble Bee" paint. This is the King of the adventure bikes
1994 BMW r1000GS | Bring a trailer

Unlike so many other enduro or dual-sport bikes, this beamer won’t need a gas tank upgrade because it came from the factory with a 6.3-gallon fuel tank. However, it got a Corbin solo saddle, raised Acerbis front fender, and serrated Q-Tech footpegs. In April 2021, when the seller got the bike, he gave it battery service and other maintenance. For starters, the bike’s carburetors were cleaned and adjusted, its valves and ignition timing were also serviced. 

Other than those few things, the bike didn’t need much to be adventure-ready because these bad boys came from the factory with front fairing, headlight guard, pannier racks, and handguards. 

Time is running out on this killer vintage BMW

This killer BMW R100GS is currently at $6,500, which is a screaming deal. However, the auction still has one day left, and anything can happen. But, if you are in the market for a killer adventure bike, I’d keep a close eye on this one. 


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