BMW Doubles Down on Internal Combustion – Won’t Go Fully Electric for Now

It’s been only a few days since we heard that Audi plans to stop developing brand-new internal combustion engines. However, a new tweet indicates that BMW won’t take such a radical approach, doubling down on internal combustion. If the tweet is correct, the brand estimates that there will be sufficient interest in internal combustion for many years to come.

According to The Drive, automotive journalist Phil LeBeau cited BMW CEO Oliver Zipse as saying that the brand has no plans to stop developing internal combustion engines. However, since this statement isn’t part of an official announcement, we don’t know the brand’s complete plan for the future.

Why won’t BMW go fully electric just yet?

A black BMW 8-Series outdoors on the road.
BMW 8-Series | BMW

Before we dive into this newest BMW story, it is worth noting that this isn’t a statement against embracing electric cars. Instead, it seems the German carmaker predicts there will be enough demand in the future to continue developing brand-new internal combustion engines rather than updating current ones. However, as The Drive points out, the company will face major hurdles as emissions regulations tighten in the next few years.

Remember the BMW-based Toyota Supra? That collaboration seemingly sparked a newfound relationship that aims to deliver fuel-cell-powered vehicles for the future. Autoweek reported last year that the German carmaker plans to offer a fuel-cell version of its X5. As a result, the German carmaker might be embracing various alternatives to internal combustion rather than going purely electric.

However, it seems that one of its closest competitors is taking a completely different approach.

Audi announced it would stop new-engine development recently

The rear 3/4 view of a bright-green 2021 BMW M4 Competition on a forested mountain road
2021 BMW M4 Competition rear 3/4 | BMW

Unlike BMW, Audi seems determined to put all its eggs in the electric car basket. A report by Motor1 indicated a few days ago that Audi plans to halt the development of brand-new internal combustion engines permanently. Instead, it plants to modify existing powertrains to meet the newer emissions regulations. The end-goal here is to convert to electric power in the near future.

Audi has spent a considerable amount of time developing fuel-cell-powered concept cars. However, as of writing, it hasn’t decided to announce an upcoming model utilizing this technology.

In contrast, this new tweet indicates that BMW will continue developing brand-new engines. Since information remains relatively limited at the time of writing, we don’t know if this applies purely to performance-oriented models or mass-market products. Additionally, this new statement comes alongside the brand’s current electric-car developments.

Is BMW currently developing EVs?

An image of a blue BMW i8 photographed inside of a studio.
BMW i8 | BMW

Flop Sweat On 2021 BMW M4? 289 Sitting At Dealers Right Now

While BMW sees the need for internal combustion vehicles, it’s simultaneously making a sizable push into the EV world. The German carmaker introduced its newest EV yesterday, the i4. With 523-hp from an unknown amount of electric motors, the new i4 will reportedly cover at least 300 miles and reach 60 mph in around four seconds.

For context, that’s about as quick as the brand-new M3 and M4. As a result, whether BMW goes electric or not, it seems we can count on its new products remaining focused on performance.