BMW Dominated Consumer Reports Road Test

Car buyers often rely on Consumer Reports for advice and opinions before making their new car selections. One reason Consumer Reports is so reputable as a resource is its team’s in-depth review of how vehicles perform in road tests. We reviewed the latest round of ratings, over various model segments, and it’s clear BMW cleans house.

Topping more than a few classes, it’s an understatement to say BMW dominated the road tests. We wanted to learn more about a few of the top-performing cars, that reinforce the company’s reputation for building fun behind the wheel.

How Consumer Reports experts test and rate models

While Consumer Reports measures each vehicle’s best attributes in a variety of categories, those that outperform typically do so on the road tests. Consumer Reports goes the extra mile when evaluating a car and uses a 100 point system to rank each vehicle.

The experts drive each for about 2,000 break-in miles before formal testing even begins. Once the testing starts, over 50 measurement tools come out, and each vehicle hits the test-track.

The testing facility includes a 3,500-foot handling course, a 4,400-foot long straight away, an accident avoidance course, a brake-test straight, and a 33% rock hill. If it sounds like a fun adventure, it is, especially with a BMW.

2020 BMW 750i (BMW 7 Series)

Ranked at number one of seven in the ultra-luxury car segment, the BMW 750i tops the road test. Scoring 99 on the Consumer Reports’ 100 point scale, the 7 Series is a major performer in all categories.

New for this year, it features a unique, gaping grille for increased airflow as well as more powerful engine configurations. The 750i comes armed with a 4.4L V8 that harnesses 523 horses.

When Car and Driver took it for a spin, their experts hit 60 mph in four seconds. It’s a flagship luxury sedan that performs like a sports machine. Or maybe it’s a powerful sports car that forgets it’s supposed to be a luxury sedan.

2020 BMW M240i (BMW 2 Series)

In the sport and sporty cars class, the BMW M240i comes out on top with a whopping 98 points out of 100. There aren’t many upgrades to this sporty and fun ride this year, and that’s fine.

It may have mastered the top-down magical, winding road experience already. You can expect the top sports car performance but will be pleasantly surprised by its strong fuel economy, well-crafted interior, and tons of features.

2020 BMW X5 xDrive40i (BMW X5)

Even the BMW SUV, the BMW XDrive40i, earns high marks on the Consumer Reports testing course. Earning 98 points, this luxury midsize SUV wins big in a popular class.

Imagine a perfect meld of torque, horsepower, safety, and all-wheel-drive capability, all in a beautiful luxury SUV. It makes a statement that says those who need more cargo and passenger space, still want something fun to drive, too.

A reputation for performance and fun

BMW has defined its brand over the years as prestigious and performance-driven. Loyalists love their blue and white logo for another reason, too; the company makes incredibly fun cars to drive. BMW builds quality vehicles, and the team of engineers and in-house experts scrutinize over every detail. From acoustic specialists to ergonomics engineers, BMW obsesses about creating the vehicles that fit their drivers like a glove.

Some will tell you there’s nothing quite like nestling behind the wheel of a BMW and taking to the road. With this latest round of road testing, Consumer Reports thinks so too. If the brand is new to you, taking a BMW for a spin might just be the driving experience you’ve been missing.