BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Are in a Three-Way Tie for Best Luxury SUV

SUVs are wildly popular among consumers nowadays. This is evident from Kelley Blue Book’s ranking of the best SUVs of 2020. This list is excellent since most consumers considering a new SUV want to know which is best to buy. There are three ranked for the top position — the BMW X5, the Audi Q8, and the Mercedes GLE. Read on to find out more.


The Kelley Blue Book rating for this SUV was 4.8 of 5 stars, while the consumer rating was 4.7 of 5 stars. The BMW X5 is noted for being a midsize luxury crossover SUV that has solid road manners. One of its top points is that performance is blended effectively with practicality. Moreover, there are many advanced features available. 

However, it only takes the addition of a few options for the BMW X5 to become pricey. While the interior design is great, the optional third row isn’t suitable for everyone and mostly benefits the young, short, and flexible. Even with all the different features available, the Android Auto smartphone integration still isn’t there. 

There is the benefit of the new muscular variant of the X5 range, known as the M50i. All of these versions have wireless charging and Wi-Fi. Even the entry-level version has the rear-drive sDrive40i.

Audi Q8

This SUV has a high consumer rating of 5 stars. It offers 325 hp and 18 combined MPG. The top pros are that the SUV is stylish, yet still maintains strong practicality. The interior design is also fantastic. However, the drivetrain can be slow to respond. The 2020 model has several new features. 

The entry-level premium trim offers automation high beams and a warning system for lane departures. The driver-information display (Virtual Cockpit Plus) is standard throughout all trims. The top two trims offer a new cosmetic package. The top prestige trim has more features in its optional luxury package.

Mercedes GLE

The Mercedes GLE earned a 4.8 of 5 stars by the Kelley Blue Book, but only 3 of 5 stars by consumers. It offers 255 HP and 22 combined MPG. The middle name of the GLE is ‘luxury,’ and this SUV sports a lot of it. It is recognized as having an incomparable ride, which is excellent for being a swank utility vehicle. The SUV can also upgrade to an all-wheel-drive technology that is more sophisticated than usual. 

However, it can feel heavy. It also doesn’t drive like a sports car, so if you desire your family hauler, the Mercedes GLE isn’t for you. There are several interior upgrades, such as the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment interface. There is also the world-class electronic suspension system available for your enjoyment. Most importantly, safety and drive dynamics improved by curve and road surface scan capabilities for many consumers.

All three of the SUVs discussed in this blog have very strong points, but their weak points must also be acknowledged. Despite the weaknesses, all three tied for a top position as the best luxury SUV by Kelley Blue Book. 

The BMW X5 is recognized for its handling on the road and technological updates. All three of the SUVs have substantial technology updates. The Audi Q8 offers practicality, which is often essential for the family-focused consumer. The Mercedes GLE offers high luxury elements to its SUV.

Regardless of what you need, any of these SUVs will be beneficial because there are more good points than bad points. However, as each car is different, so is the consumer looking for it. Check them out to see which meets your needs.

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