BMW’s 2021 Luxury SUV Lineup Earned Plenty of Recommendations

When the subject of luxury cars comes up, BMW is inevitably mentioned. But even as sedans and coupes have become less popular, BMW remains a part of the conversation with its luxury SUVs. In fact, not only have critics begun to rank the BMW X5 over the popular Porsche Cayenne, but BMW’s entire SUV lineup is drawing attention.

BMW’s 2021 SUV lineup has critics talking

To date, Consumer Reports has tested four of BMW’s 2021 SUVs. And all have earned impressive overall ratings above 73 out of 100. The two lower-rated BMW models are the X1 and the X2, rated 73 and 74, respectively. But the X5 and X7 both earned overall scores of 84.

Missing in the ratings are the BMW X3, X4, and X6, which CR has yet to test. These three models could produce a sweep for the German brand if they test as well as their siblings.

Where BMW’s 2021 SUVs impress Consumer Reports


Design Is a Predictable Con for the 2021 BMW X7

The lower-rated BMW X1 and X2 models caught CR reviewers’ attention for their performance and reliability. The X2 scored higher in front-seat comfort, interior fit and finish, and reduced road noise. But its predicted owner satisfaction rating is low. In comparison, class rival Lexus UX earned an 81 overall, and the Buick Encore scored the same as the X2.

By contrast, the X1 rated a point higher in predicted owner satisfaction and driving experience. CR’s critics awarded the X1’s overall driving, comfort, and value more consistent marks than the X2. The X1 also outscored the 2021 Mini Cooper Countryman. But it received the same overall rating as the 2021 Volvo XC40.

The BMW X5 and X7 scored 98 and 94 on their road tests and garnered high predicted owner satisfaction ratings. The X5 received perfect ratings for its acceleration, transmission, and braking performance. But the X7 lagged on acceleration and braking performance. However, its transmission performance rates the same as its sibling. Competitors that fell short compared to the X5 include the 2021 Lexus RX and RX L and the 2021 Porsche Cayenne.

The X7 outranked the X5 with perfect ratings in noise, front and rear comfort, and interior fit and finish. BMW’s largest SUV also scored a perfect 100/100 in overall comfort. CR’s testers weren’t as comfortable in the rear seat of the X5, but they were more impressed with the trunk space it offered. The X7 destroyed the competition in its class. Its closest competitor, with an overall score of 76, was the Buick Enclave, followed by the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser.

The area where three of BMW’s four tested SUVs took a significant hit was in value. Only the X1 rated above average with 52, while the other three models scored 35 or below. Though this is a chink in the lineup’s armor, BMW’s 2021 SUVs otherwise impress Consumer Reports.

A solid choice for luxury SUV shoppers

Consumer Reports has long been a reputable source for accurate information. That means you can trust its ratings of the 2021 BMW X1, X2, X5, and X7. So if you’re shopping for a new luxury SUV, seriously consider one of those tested BMW models.