BMW 2 Series and Lexus RC Surprisingly Pack a Punch

Lexus and BMW are both famous luxury car brands, but they’re not well-known for making the best luxury cars in every segment. In the small sedan segment, the Lexus RC is generally disliked, while the BMW 2 Series fares better. Despite that, both the BMW 2 Series and the Lexus RC are pretty powerful for what they’re selling for on the market.

What people say about the BMW 2 Series and the Lexus RC

The RC is generally not that great, and according to U.S. News, it’s one of the worst luxury cars in its segment, as it came in at second to the last place among the cars that had a ranking. There are many reasons to dislike the RC, and its price tag is one of them. For example, the 2 Series starts at about $35,000, while the RC begins at about $41,000. Most cars in the segment are in the 2 Series’ price range. 

The 2 Series generally gets good reviews all around, while the RC gets typically low reviews. U.S. News wrote that, while the RC had many standard features, things like its infotainment system were confusing to use. On top of that, the RC had a comfortable and luxurious interior, but it felt pretty cramped car in terms of its rear seats and its trunk space. The 2 Series did not share most of these flaws, though U.S. News said that the 2 Series also had cramped rear seats.

They both pack a punch though

That said, Carfax had a different opinion. Carfax recently released a list of the best 15 sports cars that had all-wheel drive. Despite being so poorly rated, the RC made the list alongside the 2 Series. Carfax wrote that the list was compiled after looking at many different performance factors, including how beneficial all-wheel drive was. 

All-wheel drive not only allows the car to handle well during many different weather situations, but it also improves a car’s performance and handling in general. Both automakers offer all-wheel drive at a roughly similar premium of about $2,000, so customers who want the most performance from their car, all-wheel drive is relatively affordable. 

Like Carfax’s rankings show, both cars are fairly even when it comes to how they perform overall. The 2 Series was ranked as the 11th best sports car with all-wheel drive, while the RC was ranked as the 14th best. But of course, there are a lot of differences regarding what each car can offer. For instance, while both vehicles offer V6 engines with all-wheel drive, the 2 Series has a more powerful engine option despite being cheaper.

Different but popular cars


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Both of these cars are very different from one another, but at the same time, Carfax said that both would offer pretty good performance for what you’re paying for each car. As a result, both cars are pretty popular options. Additionally, one of Lexus’s great things is that, unlike other luxury brands, a used Lexus is still a pretty good Lexus. 

Due to that, Carfax said that customers who want to save some extra cash should probably look for a used RC since they’re not that different from the brand-new models that are in dealerships. Plus, the RC will likely have access to similar engine and performance options as the more modern RCs do. 

The 2 Series needs no introduction, as BMW is very famous for affordable luxury sports cars. The 3 Series is the bigger and more famous cousin to the 2 Series, but the 2 Series can hold its own as it’s an extremely capable and popular sports car.