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Once a thief, always a thief, or something like that. One woman in Macon, Georgia, thought it would be a good idea to steal a casket truck. What is a casket truck, you might ask? Just a simple truck used for the transportation of caskets, usually at a funeral home.

The stolen casket trucks are crucial to the funeral home’s operations

A bizarre theft of casket trucks in Georgia
A casket situation on a casket truck is decorated with roses during a funeral | Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

WSB-TV 2 says that Fairhaven Funeral Home is located on quiet Mount Pleasant Church Road in Macon. If you have never heard of a casket truck before, it is essentially the foldable cart used to transport caskets around with ease. It isn’t something you would find daily use for outside of, say, a funeral home. However, the funeral home’s security camera system caught a young lady stealing these casket trucks right off the front porch.

Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones said he watched the security camera himself in disbelief. The funeral home was previously a victim of catalytic converter theft, which prompter the installation of the cameras. Jones told the newspaper, “You can only sell those to another funeral home, and if you wanted to use them to haul plywood, you would still have to hold it in place.”

For now, the home is lacking in casket trucks to complete the necessary funeral arrangements. Jones said he wasn’t worried about prosecuting the person who stole the trucks. In fact, he even offered to come pick the stolen goods up. No questions asked.

Have you seen any stolen casket trucks inconspicuously posted on the internet for sale?

While security cameras captured the event, it isn’t clear where the woman took off to. While these casket trucks aren’t huge, such an item wouldn’t be easy to walk down the road. According to Link Cargo Management Products, a supplier of these casket trucks, this item gives “funeral directors an efficient means of casket transportation while delivering the professional appearance they desire.”

Made of durable steel, these provide an efficient way to move caskets around the funeral home and into vehicles. On top of that, each one can cost between $500 and $1,000. Unfortunately for the brazen thief, these likely won’t do any good outside of a funeral home.

Most people don’t need to move caskets around efficiently anywhere other than a funeral establishment. Perhaps the idea was to scrap it for metal, which is a great market these days.

Macon is a hot bed for crimes such as catalytic converter thefts


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Odd thefts are on the rise all over the country, but Georgia has been home to some interesting stories lately. As previously mentioned, catalytic converter theft has been on the rise. Macon, specifically, has been home to a large number of catalytic converter thefts. These can be scrapped for cash.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the crime of casket truck thefts and catalytic converter thefts. If you or anyone knows anything about either of these instances, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office phone number is 478-751-7500.