1,000 Horsepower Honda Odyssey Minivan: How Much Will It Cost?

1,000 Horsepower Honda Odyssey | Source: Bisimoto via Facebook
1,000 Horsepower Honda Odyssey | Bisimoto via Facebook

A few years back in its heyday, Bismoto described its Odyssey minivan was “the most powerful SEMA project car ever built for corporate Honda.” Turbocharged and rolling on custom Air Ride suspension, this 1,029 horsepower “powervan” was a huge hit at the Specialty Equipment Market Association in 2013, and has since made over a dozen “best of” lists in aftermarket publications like Super Street and Speedhunters.

Professionally built by Bisimoto Engineering in order to be a far more streetable alternative to what Honda Manufacturing of Alabama has been building and racing for years, this soccer mom machine from hell was made famous during an episode of America’s Top Gear. Driven by Rutledge Wood, this six-speed swapped beast churned out huge plumes of tire smoke before flying off the line and into the sunset.

But now, it seems that company founder and engine builder Bisi Ezerioha has grown tired of his heavy-handed Honda, and has reportedly put the car up for auction at this year’s Mecum Auctions in Monterey, California. Labeled as “Lot T182,” the Odyssey that captured our imagination years back will have a new owner come August 18th, and while it may not be the most talked about vehicle going up for sale this week, it still commands some attention.

Perhaps the biggest question on everyone’s mind is: What the hell is something like this worth? Modified cars are always an odd gray area when it comes to the auction block, as the aftermarket parts installed can either make or break a bidding war. Factor in the point that this is a minivan, and a damn noisy one at that, and the odds of a favorable winning bid are even more widely spread than before. The interior on this car remains almost completely intact, and since all of the modifications done to the cabin are quite tasteful, overall appeal jumps significantly for anyone looking for a grocery-getter with Bugatti power gains.

Turbo V6 Minivan | Source: Bisimoto Engineering via Facebook
Bismoto’s Turbocharged Odyssey | Bisimoto Engineering via Facebook

While most attention will be given over the titanium valvetrain, one-off forged alloy wheels, and toothy Spearco intercooler, we feel that the slick custom leather upholstery, tasteful carbon trim pieces, and digital gauge cluster conversion are all selling points as well. Add in the fact that this van is caged to protect your kids during a rollover and that it is 100% street legal, and you have a bonafide argument for why your wife needs a new van and should learn how to drive stick.

Coming complete with everything seen here, the roof rack-loaded Odyssey takes on a far more menacing appearance once lowered to the asphalt. Although the air tank in the cargo space will surely eat into one’s ability to pack a cooler and some beach towels back there, the fact that you can slam your minivan in the school parking lot in front of the vice principal sounds super appealing.

Here is a brief list of a few key upgrades made to the minivan, giving further cause to believe that it will sell for a healthy profit when it goes up for auction on Thursday, August 18th.

Go-Fast Facts:

Chassis: 2014 Honda Odyssey

Engine: 3.6-liter Honda V6

Horsepower: 1,029

Transmission: Six-Speed Manual


•Turbonetics 7265 turbo
•RG45 wastegate
•Spearco intercooler
•Godzilla blow-off valve
•Arias 9.0:1 forged pistons
•R&R rods
•Golden Eagle sleeves
•ARP head studs
•Bisimoto-Web level 2.4 camshafts
•Fully ported heads
•Supertech titanium valvetrain
•AEM Infinity engine control system
•Adjustable Air Ride suspension
•Custom built 20-inch Tarmac R40 wheels
•255/30/20 Toyo T1 Sport tires
•Custom leather upholstery and carbon trim
•One-off Bisimoto four-point roll cage