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Car accidents happen every day, but not all end with Ginger Nuts and Bourbon Creams on the road after a truck crash. In this instance, a boatload of McVitie’s biscuits covered a street in England after a large truck tipped over. How did this truck accident even happen?

This truck accident left a load of McVitie’s Ginger Nuts and Bourbon Creams lying around

A truck accident left a bunch of McVitie's biscuits on the road
A McVitie’s biscuit is dunked into a cup of tea | John Keeble/Getty Images

Can you tell this accident happened in England? According to The Daily Mail article, this accident occurred on Ilkeston Road in Sandiacre, Derbyshire. Over there, biscuits are cookies! This McVitie’s brand truck carried tons of Ginger Nut and Bourbon Creams, which ended up spread all over the road.

It isn’t clear what led to the accident in the first place. It appears as if the side of the biscuit truck came off, which led to all of the boxes falling out. Once the side of the semi-truck came off, there was nothing else holding the boxes in place. The McVitie’s biscuits, Ginger Nuts, Bourbon Creams, and Tasties Shorties Cookies were all just stacked on top of one another.

“A lorry load of McVitie’s finest have decided to abandon ship, causing a slight obstruction,” one officer told the paper.

Local Erewash District Police helped clean up the biscuit truck accident

This was no regular car accident. The various cookies, or biscuits, somehow landed in horse poop that was lying on the road. Since there were thousands of cookies strewn about, it wasn’t clear how many horses were involved. In situations like this, the company usually tosses everything spilled out of the truck due to contamination. No one can be sure the cookies are safe after laying around on the road for the afternoon.

#Sandiacre – Ilkeston Road. Please bare with us this evening whilst we try and ‘digest’ this issue… A lorry load of @McVities finest have decided to abandon ship causing a slight obstruction!

@Erewash Response | Twitter

A thin layer of Ginger Nut Bourbon Cream dust littered the road and nearby fields. The Erewash District Police was on the scene to help clean up the biscuit dust. Motorists were enjoying the jokes as everyone drove by, offering biscuit jokes. Twitter users joined in the fun as well.

A conventional semi-truck might have saved the biscuits

Side-loading semi-trucks such as this one aren’t as popular in the U.S. Instead of stacking items from front to back; these trucks are loaded and unloaded through the side. This method is used when there is not a convenient loading ramp or way to unload from the back of the truck.

In this case, the truck only had a removable side piece that rolled down to keep the biscuits in place. After that failed, all of the McVitie’s Ginger Nut and Bourbon Creams came spilling out. The local police helped clean up the area, but not before traffic stacked up going both ways.


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