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The new Toyota Tundra has been out and about, hitting the streets and accruing mileage. Now we can see how well the redesigned Tundra is holding up against rivals. Check out the biggest 2022 Toyota Tundra problems after one year. 

The biggest 2022 Toyota Tundra problems 

2023 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro review
2023 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Tim Esterdahl from Pickup Truck Talk bought a 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited model with the TRD Pro package last December, and now it has over 11,000 miles. He tried to love this truck but just couldn’t. Also, his wife has been the primary driver for the past few months. 

The first issue involves the ride height. The Tundra TRD Pro has 10.9 inches of ground clearance, making it tall. You have to step up quite high to enter the cabin, so opting for the available power-deploying running boards is a good decision. 

Plus, you may want to go for the optional tailgate step or add a manual step to access the bed. It’s got one heck of a liftover height and isn’t easy for average-sized people to climb in. 

Other trucks have built-in bumper steps and multifunctional tailgates that swing open. Some have built-in steps and adjustable shelves. But the Tundra only has an optional power-deploying step on higher trim levels. 

Does the 2022 Tundra have quality issues? 

A few parts of the 2022 Toyota Tundra are prone to coming apart. The weather stripping from around the radiator can hang down, which is frustrating. You can try to climb under the truck and glue it back yourself, but there’s no official solution. 

On Tim’s truck, some of the weather stripping around the rear windows doesn’t match the rest of the vehicle for unknown reasons. Plus, areas of the rear bumper are peeling apart. 

Plus, there’s a common seat issue where the plastic that houses the adjustment controls comes loose. There is a clip at the front that holds it all together, but that clip is easy to break. 

In other trucks, the materials wrap around the front of the seat for more security. Also, some of the plastics used in the 2022 Tundra seem incredibly cheap compared to what’s found in other interiors. 

They’ve had four recalls to deal with. The issues include an electronic parking brake failure, rearview camera problems, axle shaft separation risk, and another backup camera problem. It’s pretty time-consuming to go to the dealership regularly! 

Does the 2022 Tundra have tech issues? 

2023 Toyota Tundra Platinum Interior
2023 Toyota Tundra Platinum Interior | Toyota

The biggest frustration with the 2022 Toyota Tundra might be the remote start subscription. You have to pay a monthly fee to access this ability, and there’s no after-market solution. You have to be able to pay to heat or cool off your truck before you get in it. 

Also, for some reason, the truck turns off if you exit the vehicle. So, if you forget something and run back inside or get out to retrieve something from the back seat, the truck turns off. So, you have to restart it to get the heaters deicers going again. 

The infotainment system is a little frustrating to use. It resets a lot and erases saved settings. The infotainment system doesn’t have a physical home button and isn’t as intuitive as other programs. 

The wireless phone charging pad doesn’t hold the phone in place either. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto cut out for a few seconds at a time. 

So, the most prominent issues seem to involve minor quality problems, frustrating tech features, and access. The engine and transmission provide an excellent performance, and the truck is comfortable. There are just a few things that could be tweaked.


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