Big Dogs Need Big Pickup Cabs-What’s the Best?

Bigger is better, especially with big dog breeds. And while big dogs are better, hauling them around can be a big problem. Whether heading to the vet, dog show, or just the park for a good run, you want the largest back seat and the most interior volume a pickup truck has. Big dog, large pickup, most space for Max. Motor Biscuit can help.

Let’s say you have a Newfoundland or a Cane Corso. Yeah, these are big dogs. Almost freakishly so. You know it likes and needs lots of space, especially in the back seat of a pickup truck. You won’t be using the bed for getting your Great Pyrenees to that open field you take him to daily.

Some states don’t allow dogs in pickup beds

Many states have laws against hauling dogs around in the bed of a truck. And, why would you anyway? Charlie’s like one of your kids. You wouldn’t throw the kids back there, right?

In a confined area your Bullmastiff gets a little weird. If your vet is an hour away Humphrey will want and need some room. And, if you’re canine was bred to work all day you have to give it a good run every day. The backyard doesn’t cut it. That makes your pickup truck choice an important one.

The Ram 1500 pickup has the most dog room

Big dogs need bigger pickup trucks | Getty
Big dogs need bigger pickup trucks | Getty

Checking the legroom of large pickups as an indicator of overall space the 2020 Ram 1500 Crew Cab has the most. With 45.2 inches of legroom, it beats the Silverado’s 43.8 inches, and also the best-selling Ford F-150 SuperCrew with 43.6 inches. Just so you know, it also beats a Bentley Mulsanne which is a gyp at only 42.9 inches. We think Riley would rather ride in the Ram.

2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn – Mountain Brown Interior

Towing specs, fitting drywall in the pickup’s bed, diesel versus gasoline-we don’t really care. But your dog is the most important thing you take care of. Next to the kids, of course. But dogs rely on us for everything. Besides the added room, Cooper will love the Ram’s upgraded interior. It is getting high marks since it debuted in 2019. That’s one reason why it has passed Chevy’s Silverado as the #2 best-selling pickup. 

The Ram 1500 beat the Silverado in pickup sales for 2019

Small dogs and big dogs like big pickup cabs | Getty
Small dogs and big dogs like big pickup cabs | Getty

Since both the Ram 1500 and Silverado were all-new for 2019, it was expected that they would follow their established ranking in the sales race. That means the Ram would trail the Silverado. That hasn’t happened. Even without a regular cab and also only available with a 6 ½-foot bed and not the standard eight-foot bed, the Ram has surpassed the Silverado in sales in 2019.

So, the biggest room for the largest dogs goes to the Ram 1500. Unless you get into extended wheelbase Land Rovers or Maybachs costing over $100,000 you can’t beat it.