Does Beyoncé Have a Yacht?

Yachts are often used or owned by celebrities, and for a good reason. They’re great for private vacationing and travel, which can often get difficult for celebrities to achieve when the paparazzi and fans constantly follow them. For those looking for a luxury vacation, a yacht is one of the best places to do this.

Included among celebrity yacht users is Beyoncé. Along with her husband Jay-Z, they’ve chartered yachts in the past, including a luxurious yacht that goes for $2 million a week. Read on to learn about past yachts the couple has chartered and more details about an even more spacious yacht they chartered last year.

Yachts Beyoncé has chartered

Beyoncé performing during the 'On the Run II' tour in Cleveland, Ohio
Beyoncé performing during the ‘On the Run II’ tour | Larry Busacca/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment

To answer the original question, it’s not currently known if Beyoncé or her husband owns a yacht. However, they have chartered yachts in the past. They usually charter yachts for family vacations with their three kids. Many of these are classified as superyachts, more spacious and luxurious versions of a standard yacht.

According to South China Morning Post, they chartered a yacht in 2018 called Kismet, which was 312 feet long. The cost to charter the yacht was around $1.3 million a week. For comparison, a typical yacht rental is $150,000 a week. This makes chartering Kismet nearly nine times the cost of an average yacht.

Before that, they chartered a yacht formerly known as Galactica Star. The yacht is now known as Illusion. According to Business Insider, the yacht cost $73 million in 2015 and, at the time, cost $900,000 per week to charter. Galactica Star is 213 feet long. To charter the yacht, you had to know the owner, not just pay the price.

It seems that, over time, the yachts the celebrity family has chartered have become more extravagant and expensive.  All of the yachts mentioned thus far are larger than other well-known celebrity yachts, such as Steven Spielberg’s 282-foot yacht, Seven Seas. Seven Seas fits up to 12 guests and was listed for about $160 million when he decided to sell his yacht. It’s also larger than J.K Rowling’s yacht Amphitrite, which is 156 feet long. Johnny Depp once owned Amphitrite, and J.K. Rowling listed it for $19.2 million.

Beyoncé chartered a yacht that’s $2 million a week

The trend of chartering larger yachts didn’t stop with Kismet, however. Beyoncé and her family chartered a Croatian yacht in fall 2020 known as LANA. In total, it costs $2 million a week to charter. This makes it the most expensive yacht Beyoncé has chartered, and it also happens to be near the top of the list of the most expensive charter yachts. It only comes second to the Flying Fox yacht, which costs $4 million to charter. It’s certainly a yacht that only a celebrity could afford.

The specs and features of the LANA yacht


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According to Forbes, LANA is a very grand 351-foot long yacht with the capacity to fit 12 guests. It has eight rooms, including seven unique VIP rooms and a master suite. It also fits a maximum of 31 crew members, which is rather large for yachts. In terms of the rooms, it has a multi-room spa, a gym, a cinema, and a beach club. It also has an outdoor pool and plenty of equipment to enjoy the water, including diving equipment and more. Beyond the price tag, the yacht is certainly the height of luxury with its countless amenities.