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Skyrocketing fuel costs have put gas mileage at the forefront of drivers’ minds. As a result, motorists are searching for ways to boost fuel economy and save money. One way is to join programs such as Shell’s Fuel Rewards, which can save users on every gallon of gas they purchase. However, Shell recently sent a warning to Fuel Rewards members regarding an email scam.

Email scam warning from Shell Fuel Rewards

Shell Fuel Rewards email scam
Shell logo at a gas station | Ina Fassbender/AFP via Getty Images

The Fuel Rewards program is available to customers in the United States, Shell explains. They can apply online or through the Fuel Rewards mobile app. The cost savings depend on the user’s status. For instance, Gold Status members get at least 5 cents off per gallon, and Silver Status get at least 3 cents off per gallon. And those who drive professionally can join Fuel Rewards Pro for even more savings. Additionally, users can apply for a Fuel Rewards credit card for even more savings.

Responding to recent email scams, Shell sent a warning to Fuel Rewards members that the company is not involved in any email grants, awards, or lotteries. In the screenshot below from a Shell email, the company says the Fuel Rewards program is not offering a $500 sweepstakes gas card entry.

Shell Fuel Rewards email scam warning
Shell Fuel Rewards email scam warning | Shell

Shell warns users not to pay any shipping fees for prizes. The Fuel Rewards Program is free, and users don’t have to pay anything to join or use the service. Also, your credit card is not required at any time. 

The company advises users to avoid replying to fake emails because this is a common scamming method that online criminals pretending to be company representatives use to get personal information, such as names and banking details.

In most cases, the fake emails have urgent payment requests and might request the recipients to update their payment information and threats or consequences of not responding. Also, the links in the email will direct you to false websites and not the official Shell website.

If you receive any suspicious email referencing Shell, mark it as spam. And don’t share your personal information online. When in doubt, seek a second opinion from a trusted source.

How to identify email scams

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake email is if it contains grammar and spelling errors, Shell explains. Typically, most email scams come from non-English-speaking countries or in areas where people have limited opportunities to learn English. When creating phishing messages, fraudsters use a translation machine or a spellchecker to get the right words but fail to use them in the right context. When you receive poorly written emails purporting to come from Shell, know they’re a scam.

These emails include links to fake websites appearing to be genuine. When you get a suspicious email, don’t click the links; first, perform a Google search to find out if it’s the company’s official website. Also, some scam emails include links that don’t lead to anything related to the company. For example, you might find an email indicating it’s from Shell, but it leads you to a website that has nothing to do with Shell or Fuel Rewards.

Scammers know most people procrastinate; that’s why they include a sense of urgency to pressure you to click the link before you can suspect it’s a scam. So if you receive an email with a sense of urgency indicating it’s from Shell, you have reasons to worry.

Shell Fuel Rewards and these 3 gas apps save you money at the pump

Due to disruptions in the international oil markets, driving has become more expensive, and consumers are looking for practical ways to save at the pump. They include apps to help users find the lowest gas prices. 

Aside from Shell Fuel Rewards, here are three gas apps that can help you counter rising fuel prices: 


This gas app allows you to earn rewards at various service stations, including Shell, Valero, BP, and Marathon. Every time you fuel up at any of the participating locations, you save up to 25 cents per gallon. Also, you can use Upside for cashback at popular restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts and Burger King. 

Route4Me Route Planner

Businesses in different sectors, including food delivery, healthcare, and manufacturing, can use this app to get the best fuel-saving routes for their drivers. The app helps users reduce driving distances and save millions of hours. 


When you use this app, you get rewards that can help you get deals from well-known companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Old Navy. Additionally, you can access the free GasBuddy app, which has many tools for drivers, including gas price charts, trip-planning tools, and a fuel logbook. You can save 25 cents per gallon. The good news is that the GasBuddy card is accepted at more than 95% of gas stations in America. 


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