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Buying a used SUV or truck can be an overwhelming process, especially with a lack of inventory. How do you know which websites will help you find the right vehicle with all of the options out there? Check out some of the options below, such as AutoTrader, Kelley Blue Book, and CarMax, in order to jump-start your search for a used SUV.

AutoTrader is a good place to start when looking for a used SUV

The best websites for buying a used SUV
The best websites for buying a used SUV like the one photographed here | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

AutoTrader might be one of the more obvious choices for finding a used SUV or used car, but that’s because it has a lot to offer. Many people know about AutoTrader and, therefore, know to use it for buying and selling. AutoTrader has all of the basic search parameters and allows for more in-depth search options. You can choose from interior color options, delivery type, fuel economy, and others. Plus, AutoTrader offers an in-depth list of features such as automatic parking, navigation, Apple CarPlay, and roof racks.

Edmunds offers expert advice and information for used SUVs and trucks

The Edmunds catchphrase for finding a used SUV is “Find a great deal near you.” One of the benefits that Edmunds offers is that you can search through used car rankings and expert ratings while also looking at the current offerings. If there is a specific SUV you are looking for, check out the road tests and advice from the Edmunds experts. There is also an accurate market value listing to help ensure you get a good deal and new/used car pricing estimates available.

The Kelley Blue Book “Blue Book price” is a helpful tool

No matter how new you are to buying a used SUV, Kelley Blue Book has probably come up. Everyone knows what the Blue Book price is. Buyers can get the estimated price of the SUV, truck, or car of interest and compare that to the current listings. If you need to sell your car before buying, you can also get an estimated price for that. Narrow it down by the make, model, and current mileage to get a better price estimate.

Bring a Trailer is the enthusiast’s favorite site

Bring a Trailer is a good option for those who know a lot about the particular used SUV of choice. The listings on Bring a Trailer are usually geared toward enthusiasts, created by enthusiasts. That means you can find astonishingly low mileage diamonds in the rough that have been cared for well or have been stored in someone’s garage for 25 years. Unfortunately, that also means many of the SUVs listed here have a higher price.

Cars & Bids was founded by Doug DeMuro, a popular vehicle enthusiast and YouTube personality. On this auction site, people can list vehicles from 1980 or newer. It offers a pretty-straight forward listing process and low fees because it is a newer site. People looking for a particular SUV or truck might have luck on here. The website offers a history report for all listings, so potential buyers have all of the necessary information upfront.

Hemmings is good for classic cars, trucks, and SUVs

Hemmings focuses on classic cars, collector vehicles, hard-to-find parts, and accessories. The website has more of an old-school feel, like a community with car sales on the side. Most of the used SUVs on here will be classics like the Ford Bronco, old Land Rovers, and all the classic Ford and Chevy trucks you could hope to find. You can also find restomods and custom vehicles.

Don’t forget CarMax for a variety of used SUVs


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CarMax is another option for used SUVs and cars that have been around for a while. Not online is it online, but the in-person stores have many options. CarMax pays quite a bit for trade-ins, which usually means the inventory has some interesting offerings. CarMax also has a ton of categories listed so buyers can find the right SUV at a price that makes sense. Potential buyers can walk around the lot like in the old days if you need inspiration.

These aren’t the only websites out there to find a reliable used SUV, either. If all else fails, there are always websites like Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. Once you know which SUV you are looking for, any of these websites will help you narrow down your options more.