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In terms of off-road capability and luxury, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a legendary SUV. But unfortunately, after the 2021 model, Toyota decided to stop selling this SUV in the United States. Now, the Land Cruiser is sold elsewhere, and here in the States, we still get the Lexus variant. Still, it is kind of a disappointment to no longer have this iconic SUV being sold. That said, it is certainly possible to buy a used Land Cruiser SUV. And these are the models to look for, plus one to avoid. 

Which Toyota Land Cruiser should you buy?

Generally speaking, the Land Cruiser is a reliable vehicle. The Land Cruiser has been around since the 1950s when it started its life as a military vehicle. By 1967, Toyota debuted a model that compares more to the Land Cruiser that we know today. Known as the Land Cruiser 50, this SUV competed against other off-road SUVs while offering better reliability. 

Fast-forward to the 1990s, the Land Cruiser really came to take on some more luxury. The 80 Series Land Cruiser is one that is worth considering. It ran from 1991 until 1997 and had solid front axles, a six-cylinder engine, and three rows of seating. It is not crazy to see some models surpassing well over 300,000 miles. And that is a testament to just how reliable this SUV is. 

If you want something newer, the 100 Series Land Cruiser is worthy of consideration. It was produced until 2007, and a quick internet search shows that even models with over 300,000 can sell for over $10,000. And that’s not really normal for other vehicles to achieve. 

Should you buy a 100 Series Land Cruiser?

The 100 Series is a fairly desirable SUV. According to AutoTrader, comfort was improved while retaining legitimate off-road capability. Plus, Toyota aimed this SUV at competitors like the Range Rover, meaning it has some solid luxury features. 

A red Toyota Land Cruiser takes on fording some water.
Toyota Land Cruiser | Sven-Erik Arndt via Getty Images

That said, even with high mileage, this model is not cheap. And if you want one with lower mileage, you will be paying a pretty penny. You can get it with a 4.7-liter V8 which provides ample power, and it still has an electronic locking rear differential. 

Which Land Cruiser SUV should you avoid?

In terms of which Land Cruiser to avoid, if you can find one that has been well-kept, you will likely be getting something worth buying. But, the 60 Series is probably one of the more difficult versions of this vehicle to find that hasn’t been put to the test. 

A Toyota Land Cruiser shows its capability off as an SUV.
Toyota Land Cruiser | Dukas via Getty Images

It first went into production in the 1980s, so its age might affect its reliability. And that is something to consider before your purchase an older Toyota Land Cruiser. Outside of that, Toyota went to great lengths to ensure that its SUVs could stand up to the elements. And that is likely why the Land Cruiser has such a cult following. 

You would be hard-pressed to find another vehicle that commands such high prices, despite its age and mileage. And now that the new Land Cruiser has left the American market, some of these older models may see a jump in price.


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