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Did you know the Toyota Corolla was first introduced in 1966? Toyota has some of the most reliable used cars on the market, but it doesn’t end there. There’s a new or used Toyota for everyone between the cars, trucks, and SUVs in the lineup. These are the best used Toyota Corolla sedan years to look for and one to skip over.

The best used Toyota Corolla sedan years include the 2020 model

The best Used Toyota Corolla sedan years include this 2020 version
The Toyota Corolla sedan | Toyota

When Consumer Reports started testing the Toyota Corolla, it was the year 2000. Since it has been so long, the Corolla has a pretty well-established reliability history. The 2020 Toyota Corolla is a good year to look for. It has a higher reliability score than the years around it, and the owner satisfaction was pretty good too.

Consumer Reports gave the 2020 Corolla the recommended accolade, the green choice award, and high scores in most areas. The standard safety features are forward collision warning (FCW) and lane departure warning (LDW). The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the Toyota sedan the Top Safety Pick Plus award. Depending on the mileage, you might be able to find one with some warranty left.

Average Retail Price: $22,600 – $26,450

2018 was another option for the best used Toyota Corolla sedan years

Much like the 2020 version, the 2018 Toyota Corolla is a reliable choice. It received the green choice award and is recommended by the experts at Consumer Reports. Some of the reliability trouble areas, like the engine, transmission, and drive system, were not an issue for buyers.

FCW and LDW are standard safety features, along with automatic emergency braking (AEB). The IIHS also gave the 2018 Corolla the Top Safety Pick award. That makes this one of the best used Toyota Corolla sedans to look for.

Average Retail Price: $18,150 – $20,825

Avoid the 2009 year for this Toyota vehicle, if possible

Let’s face it; there isn’t much to dislike about the Toyota sedan. However, the 2009 year lost Consumer Reports’ green choice accolade and the “recommended” award. It still managed to get 30 mpg, but the 2010 version has higher reliability ratings. Generally, it is just an older car that isn’t the most reliable option out there. Going up a year to the 2010 Corolla might result in fewer issues.

2009 sedans didn’t have the same safety features as a modern cars, but it does have daytime running lights (DRL). The IIHS gave the 2009 Corolla “good” scores on the safety tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave it four and five stars on various tests.

Average Retail Price: $8,300 – $8,525

The good news is that most years of the Toyota Corolla sedan are reliable and easy to find. Another option to find the best used Toyota Corolla years is Certified Pre-Owned cars. These CPO vehicles are usually newer, come with a warranty, and have passed an inspection. You can always have a service like CarMax or Autotrader to find a car in another state and ship it to a dealership near you.


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