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Ever since the Toyota Camry was introduced to the American market in 1983, it has been the standard of excellence in comfort, reliability, longevity, and value. In fact, you will find the Toyota Camry at the top of nearly every “best of” car list every year. But with so many used Camry models on the market today, which ones are the absolute best to buy used? According to Consumer Reports, below are the top-ranked used Toyota Camry models to look for and a few that you should avoid.

The best of the best Toyota Camry models

A Black 2021 Toyota Camry driving in an industrial area
2021 Toyota Camry | Toyota

Every year, Consumer Reports compiles reviews from owners regarding vehicle reliability. These reliability scores focus on a car’s longevity. This includes the car’s engine, transmission, and cooling system. It also includes attributes such as interior toughness, electronics, and bodywork over time.

According to these reliability tests, the top Toyota Camry models to buy used are the 2021, 2017, 2011, and 2009 model years. These four Toyota Camry model years have near-perfect scores in every category when it comes to reliability over time.

The Toyota Camry model you should avoid

If you are in the market for a used Camry, you are making a good decision. The Camry has a wonderful reputation and is bound to be a safe and comfortable source of transportation. However, according to Consumer Reports, there are a few used Camry models you should avoid.

Both the 2001 and 2020 Toyota Camry models scored the lowest when it comes to Camry reliability ratings over time. According to owner reviews, the 2001 Toyota Camry’s reported trouble spots included fuel system issues, body integrity, and interior electronics. Expanding on these issues, owners have found that over time, the 2001 Camry doesn’t typically age well, with problems being reported in weatherstripping and ABS brake malfunctions.

For the 2020 model year Camry, issues are far less prevalent. However, Consumer Reports data shows that Camry owners have experienced some issues related to body integrity and power equipment. Others note having experienced minor engine issues. Some Camry owners have also noticed water leaking into their car through the weatherstripping. Others have reported small coolant leaks from the cooling system.

The Camry is still a solid choice

While it may surprise you that the Toyota Camry has a few low years of reliability, according to some owners, any Camry is a solid choice for you as a used car buyer. Even though the 2001 and 2020 Camry have lower reliability ratings than other model years, these reliability ratings are still considered average. If your car buying journey brings you to a Toyota Camry, any year is a good choice; just be ready for some minor fixes that may occur down the road with a 2001 or 2020 model.

With the long legacy of longevity and value that has followed the Camry since its inception, you really can’t go wrong!