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Have you decided that Jeep life is for you? The popular off-roading SUV has been on the market for a long time, giving you plenty of options. The best used Jeep Cherokee years might be from a long time ago, but there are still some good options from the modern era. Which years of this Jeep sport utility vehicle should you look for?

2001 is one of the best used Jeep Cherokee years to seek out

The best used Jeep Cherokee SUV years include this 2001 version
The 2001 Jeep Cherokee SUV | Darren McCollester/Getty Images

That’s right, Edmunds rated the Jeep Cherokee all the way back to 2001. While this is a long time ago, it is also one of the Jeep Cherokee’s highest-rated years. Buying a 20-year-old used Jeep Cherokee isn’t going to be an ideal vehicle for someone who needs reliable transportation daily. However, it will be a fun vehicle to have in the garage.

Some of the pros listed are the powerful engine, the affordability, and the Cherokee’s off-road capability. This was the last year before a significant redesign, but the 2001 Cherokee was still hanging on. The Jeep Cherokee was an ever-practical SUV that happened to enjoy an off-road adventure or two.

List Price Estimate: $3,202 – $5,191

2018 is another option for the best used Jeep Cherokee years

Fast forwarding about 20 years, the 2018 Jeep Cherokee is another solid option. The available V6 engine was smooth and powerful enough, while the suspension helped smooth out rough surfaces. Another suitable off-roader in the lineup, but the Trailhawk trim will be your best bet if those are your plans.

This year, Jeep added a new touchscreen and some tech. Owners report being comfortable in the Cherokee. Edmunds says Jeep delivered on that promise. “Most shoppers are just looking for a comfortable vehicle to drive every day, and the Cherokee is effective on this front as well.” For the best used Jeep Cherokee years, 2018 is worth a second look.

List Price Estimate: $13,995 – $31,999

Skip the 2015 Jeep sport utility vehicle, if possible

When you make as many SUVs as Jeep has, there’s bound to be an off year or two. The 2015 Jeep Cherokee is still off-road capable and has the same V6 engine, but it could use an update. Edmunds says the engine’s performance is sluggish, and the 2015 Jeep Cherokee lacks the cargo space one might expect.

There isn’t anything specifically wrong with the 2015 SUV, but it has lower scores from the experts than anticipated. It delivers on comfort, but other rivals are more comfortable. Jeep’s Cherokee is off-road capable, but the Trailhawk trim will be your best bet if you plan on doing that regularly.

List Price Range: $9,990 – $25,998

The benefit of buying a used Jeep Cherokee is its drawback: there are so many options to choose from. Depending on your plans, one of these years should be a good pick. Don’t be afraid to expand your search or try to find a private seller. Jeep SUVs are long-lasting, and owners tend to hold onto each one for a long time. That’s another good sign for Cherokee ownership, though.


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