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Tall drivers face a bevy of challenges. Convertibles can be especially uncomfortable. Factors such as thigh support, legroom, and windshield height can make or break a car’s comfort for drivers above average height. With so much to consider, which used convertibles are the best for taller drivers?

Lexus’s 2010 SC 430 is comfortable and affordable

What the 2010 Lexus SC 430 lacks in rear legroom it makes up for in great driver visibility and decent windshield clearance. A well-designed interior and modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity make this slightly dated car feel luxurious.

With the hardtop stored, there is little cargo space left in the trunk. The rear seats are available for some storage if the top is down. This is not a great option for families but for tall drivers who don’t need a lot of cargo space, this is an inexpensive choice. Drivers can expect the reliability of a Lexus from this dignified older used convertible.

Tall drivers will find comfort in the Volkswagen Eos

The 2016 Volkswagen Eos is built for comfort, not performance. Used convertible shoppers will be hard-pressed to find a comparable convertible in its price range. Side airbags that extend upward provide increased safety for tall drivers. Ample legroom and supportive seats make this a smooth ride. This is a great used convertible for drivers who travel long distances.

Even at highway speeds the Eos provides an exceptionaly quiet ride for a convertible. With the windows up, drivers will hardly notice the top is down. This overall reduction in wind noise means there are more quiet seat positions possible. Tall drivers will have no problem finding the perfect level behind the windscreen.

The MINI Cooper S convertible is shockingly large

The 2011 Mini Cooper S convertible has safety features tailored toward the taller driver. Pop-up rollover bars and extended height side airbags make this one of the safest soft top choices for drivers over 6 feet tall.

The Mini Cooper’s seats offer adequate support to keep pressure off of the driver’s knees. This convertible also offers the perk of smart British style and German engineering.

A vintage option for bargain shoppers

A red 2011 Volkswagen Cabrio on display
2011 Volkswagen Cabrio | Sean Gallup via Getty Images

Ambient interior lighting and chrome accents make the Volkswagen Cabrio Golf feel expensive. Features like heated seats add to the car’s luxurious feel. Most importantly, the Cabrio Golf has legroom to spare. Its smooth ride and responsive handling make for a sporty driving experience.

Its front seats are firm and comfortably padded to accommodate taller drivers who need support. The 2011 Cabrio Golf’s exterior style and interior technology are certainly dated, but this older convertible still feels great even if it shows its age.

Buick Cascada

The 2019 Buick Cascada is not a sports car. Tall used convertible shoppers who don’t mind slower acceleration and limited technology might find this is the perfect used convertible. Onboard navigation and advanced driver assist systems make this convertible feel like a well-appointed option for its class.

With the top up, the Cascada has great noise insulation. Comfortable seating positions mean drivers can find their perfect height below the windscreen. The Cascada has been criticized for visibility issues. However, taller drivers can easily overcome this minor headache. Owner reviews from Edmunds give the Cascada a nearly perfect rating.


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