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The best used Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck years might be behind it. Reliability and owner satisfaction scores are all over the place, but a few years stand out. While some buyers might not care about reliability scores in a truck, it can be helpful when deciding between two vehicles. See what the experts said about the Chevy Colorado pickup truck below.

2020 is one of the best used Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck years

Used Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck years include this 2020
A Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup truck in white | Chevrolet

When Consumer Reports rated all of the compact pickup trucks, the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado stood out. The 2020 Chevy truck had one of the highest reliability scores in its history. The owner satisfaction score was below average but still higher than many other generations.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) didn’t give the 2020 Colorado an overall safety rating. It mainly got “good” scores on the IIHS crashworthiness tests. Consumer Reports gave the engine, transmission, and drive system top marks for these reliability trouble spots. This is an excellent year to seek out, so the prices remain high for these Colorado trucks. The towing capacity is around 7,000 pounds, and the payload is 1,555, depending on the specs.

Average Retail Price: $25,400 – $45,525

2012 is another option for the best used Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck years

Though it has a spotty reliability history over the years, the 2012 Colorado has high marks for reliability. It actually has the highest score out of all the Colorado’s years, back to 2004. The owner satisfaction score was below average, but that didn’t change much throughout the years.

When the IIHS rated this truck, the scores were mixed. The 2012 Chevrolet Colorado received one “acceptable” score, one “poor,” and two “marginal.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) didn’t test the Chevy truck, but it received a four-star rating in the rollover test. The NHTSA did not perform many of its current crash tests back then. The max towing capacity is 4,000 pounds, and the payload is 1,125 pounds. It is still one of the best used Chevy Colorado years.

Average Retail Price: $8,675 – $15,225

Avoid 2021 for this Chevy truck, if at all possible

When it comes down to it, modern trucks are supposed to be more reliable. The 2021 Chevrolet Colorado didn’t get the memo. There wasn’t a standout positive score around with rock-bottom reliability and owner satisfaction scores. Plus, the price range for the 2021 version is $29,675 to $49,300, which is not cheap.

The IIHS gave the 2021 Colorado mostly “good” test scores. The NHTSA also gave the Chevrolet truck four and five-star safety ratings. Only forward collision warning (FCW) and lane departure warning (LDW) are offered but not included. Consumer Reports says the max towing limit is 7,000 pounds and 1,555 for the payload. The numbers depend on the setup

Average Retail Price: $29,675 – $49,300

It isn’t unusual for large or midsize trucks to perform poorly on Consumer Reports testing. Pickup trucks don’t follow the same rules as cars and trucks and therefore don’t get the same high scores. However, a used Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck will get you from point A to B and can tow enough for most situations.


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