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The hold that pickup trucks have on the American auto market is no secret. Fairly consistently, trucks tend to be some of the best-selling vehicles. But which brand is actually best when it comes to pickups? In 2023, the determining factors might come down to personal preference. It does seem like Ford might be one of the better truck manufacturers, though. 

Does Ford make good trucks?

Year after year, it seems like Ford has some of the hottest trucks on the market. I don’t want to be too hyperbolic here, but the Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle for decades. And that is a reflection of the caliber of pickup that the brand puts out. 

Sure, the F-150 does have problematic years. But overall, folks seem to love this full-size truck. Unless their allegiance lies with brands like General Motors or Ram. In 2023, the Ford F-150 comes in a variety of flavors. Providing a vehicle that can fill a range of different roles. Heck, you can even get a fully-electric version at this point. 

Ford's full-size truck, the F-150 tows a boat.
Ford F-150 | Ford

To add to that, Ford does not only build full-size trucks. In fact, the Blue Oval now has something that can actually be called a small truck. And the Maverick has been so popular that buying one feels nearly impossible. Sure, some people may scoff at the idea of a unibody pickup, but that hasn’t stopped the Ford Maverick from selling like hotcakes. 

The Ford Ranger might be the one Ford truck that misses the mark

Not every pickup that the Blue Oval puts out is popular. And as a midsize truck, the Ranger has been struggling to compete with its rivals. There might be a single reason for why that is too. When Ford reintroduced its midsize pickup here in the States, we got the previous generation. 

A 2023 Ford Ranger midsize truck drives off-road.
2023 Ford Ranger | Ford

On the global market, folks can buy a Ranger that is newer. But that is going to change for 2024. Ford is set to offer the new-gen version of this truck in the States. And that means things like a Ranger Raptor and a better interior. 

Will the 2024 Ranger breathe new life into this model? It’s hard to say. Personally, I’ll be interested to test it once I get the chance. 

Why are Ford trucks so popular?

According to CNN, the Blue Oval has long been invested in building trucks. Over the years, the brand has been working to improve what its pickups offer. And it seems like all of that has really paid off. 

The Ford F-150 Lightning full-size truck tows a trailer behind it.
Ford F-150 Lighting | Ford

In the past, pickup trucks were reserved for rural areas. They were devoid of many creature comforts and were essentially just something used for getting things done. In the modern era, trucks are still work vehicles, but now they can come equipped as near-luxury cars. 

As it stands, the Ford F-Series trucks remain some of the most popular on the market. They are versatile and, outside of certain model years, are seen as reliable. And it doesn’t look like that popularity is going anywhere any time soon.

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