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Have you ever considered hopping in an RV and heading off into the sunset? Us too. Here are some tips about how to get a good deal on the RV of your dreams. Don’t settle on the first camper you happen upon; there are many options to suit your needs on the market.

Don’t be afraid to buy an RV in the off-season

An RV in a parking lot waiting for a new adventure
A Custom RV used by Barbra Streisand | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Everyone wants an SUV to travel around during summertime, but don’t make that mistake. Buying an RV is similar to buying a new car. A good time to buy a new car is when the newer new cars come out, and the dealership wants to unload that extra inventory.

According to RV Share, a good time to buy a camper is after the summer festivities are over. When the days are shorter, and the weather is colder. Head on over to your local dealership in the late fall or wintertime and see what kind of deals are available.

Everyone goes to buy a camper during the warmer months. Dealerships are less likely to offer discounts, and the one you want might not be in stock.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and check out different dealerships. Check for prices online and compare before you go in. Don’t settle for the first RV you see because it sounds like a good deal.

How do I get the best deal on an RV?

There are many types of RV on the market. Smaller ones to tow with another vehicle, large ones for a whole family vacation, and everything in between.

Know what will suit your needs ahead of time. You can always buy a used RV and get it updated during the winter months. By saving money on the RV itself, you can put those funds toward a renovation.

You can also put those funds toward improvements on the RV, maintenance, and money for your next adventure.

The slow season begins at the end of September. By waiting until October, you can get a good deal. However, if you can wait until December or January, you will likely get the best deal.

In addition to this, you’ll find better deals in the cold. You can basically camp and RV year-round in places like Florida, so the sales are less frequent. Up north, where the winter has set in, the sales will also set in.

By the time summer rolls around, your new or used RV is ready to roll.

Do dealers negotiate on price?

This is assuming you go to a dealership for your purchase. You can always buy from a private seller if that’s what you are into. Private sellers offer better prices, but you won’t get a warranty or other perks from a private seller.

If you into a dealership on the weekend, you’ll probably find a crowd. However, if you go in on a weekday, you might have a better chance at a good deal.

If you already have a truck to tow your RV, you can save money buying a towable variety. If you want it to have a motor, it might set you back a little more. Knowing where you want to go is a good plan before you buy.

Sometimes a smaller RV is less expensive and more practical. You can get into smaller places that large RVs might not fit.


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