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What would you do to a Bentley Flying Spur? This one went under the knife, coming out the other end as a pickup truck. A custom shop in the UK is responsible for it, and to us, it’s the best thing we have seen done to a Flying Spur ever. 

Hacking on this Flying Spur began in 2020

Bentley Flying Spur pickup construction
Bentley Flying Spur pickup | DC Customs

DC Customs began hacking the Flying Spur back in January 2020. The Spur started out as a pre-2019 silver sedan with nothing special that made it stand out. Bentley did a facelift of the Spur in 2019. New, these Flying Spurs cost either side of $200,000 depending on options. Today, a used Spur still runs between $100,000 and $150,000. 

DC stripped it down and began its transformation by cutting off the rear portion of the roof. Then it began fabricating the pickup bed. Before it could do that it needed to have the shock towers lowered. Each side lost two inches as the towers protruded high into what would become the bed. 

Bentley Flying Spur pickup under construction
Bentley Flying Spur pickup | DC Customs

While fabricating the bed DC also created the unique front bumper with larger air intakes. These front ends from the factory are a toned-down version of the fascias found on Continental coupes. DC took cues from the coupe’s fascia but went larger with the openings. 

A stock Flying Spur weighs over 5,300 lbs.

Bentley Flying Spur pickup
Bentley Flying Spur pickup | DC Customs

The Spur’s bed is lined with wood and small storage areas on each side. Fabrication to turn it into a pickup didn’t require any structural changes to the frame. Flying Spurs have pretty stout frames and suspensions, in total weighing over 5,300 lbs. 

Even with that amount of heft, the Spur handles quite well with all-wheel drive and 500 hp. The V8 in the S-version can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 190 mph. Yes, for an over-two-ton behemoth as a sedan these haul. We don’t know whether this particular Spur is an S-type. We also don’t know whether this conversion added weight or subtracted it.  

This pickup conversion was done to a nice Spur, not a salvage car

Bentley Flying Spur pickup finished
Bentley Flying Spur pickup | DC Customs

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Inside the interiors are luxurious as one can imagine with this being a Bentley. If it is the S-type it comes with Piano Black wood, two-toned leather seats, a rear diffuser, and special alloy wheels. From chatter online we understand this was not a salvage title vehicle but an unmolested Flying Spur. To some, this will definitely be scandalous. 

After the body was massaged the whole car was shot in purple and silver two-tone. DC christened it “Decadence.” In spite of what looks to be a beautiful paint job, the company says this pickup wasn’t built to be a show car. The owner supposedly drives it regularly. We know we would, too.