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The best SUVs with the most comfortable ride from 2012 have a lot to offer buyers. These sport utility vehicles won’t let you down with roomy third rows and extra cargo space in the trunk for whatever the weekend road trip might need. Plus, a 10-year-old vehicle is going to be a budget-friendly option.

Ford’s Flex is one of the best SUVs with the most comfortable ride

The best SUVs with the most comfortable ride includes the Ford Flex
The 2012 Ford Flex SUV | MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

When Edmunds listed some of the best SUVs with the most comfortable ride, the 2012 Ford Flex checked all the boxes. The inside is spacious, and the third row has plenty of room. Ford put a lot of technology into the 2012 Flex, and it looks modern for its time. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave this comfortable SUV the Top Safety Pick award.

List Price Range: $16,590 – $23,998

Lexus’s GX 460 is one of the best SUVs with the most comfortable ride

Let’s face it; the 2012 Lexus GX 460 just looks comfortable. However, this large SUV has a lot more to offer than just comfort. Lexus made this vehicle off-road capable, and the interior is made with plenty of luxury materials. While many off-road SUVs sacrifice comfort for capability, that isn’t the case here. Lexus equipped the GX 460 with the ability to tow 6,500 pounds thanks to its 4.6L V8. This SUV with a comfortable ride also received good scores from the IIHS.

List Price Range: $24,388 – $31,998

Experts and owners agree that the Toyota Highlander is a good pick

If finding the best SUVs with the most comfortable ride is your goal, the 2012 Toyota Highlander is your solution. Its V6 engine is powerful but doesn’t make too much noise, and the Highlander is easier to drive than it might look. This is a family-friendly SUV that’s also comfortable enough for long trips or whatever else you might need it to do. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave it a four-star safety rating overall.

List Price Range: $12,127 – $26,590

If you need a little luxury, the Lincoln Navigator has plenty

Edmunds says the 2012 Lincoln Navigator is not just a comfortable SUV. Passengers and drivers will enjoy this sport utility vehicle with a plush ride and an upscale cabin with three rows. The third row folds down with a button, which helps add more cargo space. Lincoln has a lot of luxury competitors in the segment, but not all options can tow 9,000 pounds like this one.

List Price Range: $15,024 – $18,932

Don’t overlook the GMC Acadia as a comfortable SUV option

The 2012 GMC Acadia is comfortable and also budget-friendly. It has room for eight passengers, and unlike some of its rivals, the third row is adult-friendly. The Acadia also has plenty of room for luggage in the cargo area. Testers at Edmunds commented on the pleasant and comfortable driving experience. Even in 2012, the Acadia had tons of safety features. The NHTSA gave this comfortable SUV a five-star safety rating, and the IIHS gave it a Top Safety Pick award.

List Price Range: $8,895 – $20,998

No matter what your plans are for your new, used vehicle, these comfortable SUVs won’t let you down. Plus, you won’t be quite as upset about a door ding on a 10-year-old sport utility vehicle—all the more reason to take it off the beaten path.


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