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Let’s face it; sometimes, you just need extra space in the trunk for your stuff! The best SUVs for the beach have plenty of cargo space and some type of off-road capability. You don’t need a sport utility vehicle that can go through the sand, but it does make beach days more fun.

The Ford Bronco Sport is one of the best SUVs for the beach

The best SUVs for the beach
The Ford Bronco Sport SUV | Ford

Kelley Blue Book says the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport is an SUV that does it all. The Bronco has room in the cargo area but can also go off-road if necessary. In particular, the G.O.A.T (Goes Over Any Terrain) mode means you can drive over sand. Plus, four-wheel drive is standard. The Bronco Sport has 65.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats folded down. You can fit two upright mountain bikes back there too.

Starting Price: $28,265

Max. Cargo Space: 65.2 cu ft

The four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is another one of the best SUVs for the beach

Regarding the 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, the four-door option is one of the best SUVs for the beach. Another SUV with off-road capability, the Wrangler also has plenty of cargo space. You can also remove the doors for even more summer fun. The sand should be no match for the Jeep’s four-wheel-drive. The cargo space measured out to be 72.4 cubic feet, with plenty of room for coolers, chairs, and whatever else you might need.

Starting Price: $34,045

Max. Cargo Space: 72.4 cu ft

Don’t forget the Land Rover Defender 110 SUV

If you are looking for the best SUVs for the beach, check out the 2022 Land Rover Defender 110. Built with off-roading in mind, the Defender has a few terrain modes. Sand is one of those terrain mode options. Land Rover has a few engine options that get between 296 hp and 518 hp, both of which are suitable. This sport utility vehicle also has 4WD to make beach days even easier. Plus, 78.8 cubic feet of cargo space for whatever you might need. The four-door model can seat seven, while the two-door can seat five or six.

Starting Price: $53,500

Max. Cargo Space: 78.8 cubic feet

Subaru Outback’s make one of the best SUVs for the beach

The 2022 Subaru Outback SUV is made for mild off-road adventures. With 8.7 inches of ground clearance, the Outback looks more like a wagon/SUV combination than a typical sport utility vehicle. With more than 75 cubic feet of cargo space and the roof rack, you can bring kayaks, umbrellas, and coolers. The Subaru Outback also comes with all-wheel drive standard.

Starting Price: $27,645

Max. Cargo Space: 75.7 cu ft

Having a vehicle capable of going off-road isn’t totally necessary for the beach. Most people just park in a parking spot. But it does make it easier if you plan on getting into the sand with your vehicle. Not all SUVs can tow, either. So if you have jet skis or a boat, be sure your new sport utility vehicle is capable of towing that much. And don’t forget the sunscreen!


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