The Best SUV and Truck Tires of 2021 According to Consumer Reports

Buying the right tires for your SUV or truck can save you a ton of money in the long run. Choosing the best tires for your vehicle can make your life a lot easier when challenged with tricky terrain. Here are the best SUV and truck tires of 2021, according to Consumer Reports.

Choosing the best tires for your vehicle

A man is inside a tire shop.
The inside of a tire shop | Wolfgang Kumm/picture alliance via Getty Images

Tires are an important part of keeping your vehicle rockin’ and rolling to the best of its ability. All tires are not made equally. Different tires are made for different vehicles, seasons, and types of terrain.

Choosing the wrong tires for your specific vehicle and the terrain it will be operating on can be a costly mistake. Failing to properly equip your vehicle for weather changes such as winter snow, sleet, and ice could have major consequences. Even temperature changes can affect how well your tires perform while driving.

Good tires should last the average driver about four years at the very least. Great tires can last much longer before needing to be replaced. Some SUV and truck tires are designed to endure any weather and terrain for years.

Best all-season SUV tires: Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire

A black Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire.
Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire | Consumer Reports

Michelin is one of the top tire brands in the automotive industry. The company has been awarded many times by J.D. Power and receives great reviews from consumers. The Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire is an all-season tire designed to provide traction year-round.

Parts of the Northeast and Midwest see plenty of snow during the winter in the United States. In recent years the weather has become less predictable, and winters have become more brutal. According to Consumer Reports, the Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire provides amazing traction both in and out of snow. Michelin CrossClimate SUV tires have great handling, excellent dry braking, and provide great protection against hydroplaning.

The Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire has a predicted 40,000 miles of tread life. This amounts to about three good years of usage before the treads begin to get shallow and worn. Three years is below average, but then again, not many tires can function as well through every season. The Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire comes in several sizes to accommodate many different SUVs. Michelin CrossClimate SUV tires start at $214.97 per tire.

Best all-season truck tires: Continental TerrainContact H/T tires

A Continental TerrainContact HT tire.
The Continental TerrainContact HT tire | Consumer Reports

The Continental TerrainContact HT is an all-season tire that is perfect for trucks. It has great handling and dry braking potential as well and provides decent protection against hydroplaning. The Continental TerrainContact HT has a projected tread life of 95,000 miles.

The average driver will be able to use Continental TerrainContact HT tires for at least seven years, which is above-average tread life. Continental TerrainContact HT tires work especially well in the snow. These tires cost about $188 per tire.

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Tires play an integral role in a vehicle’s operation. Many drivers save money by purchasing used tires but buying tires with unknown tread life estimates may not be the best idea for long-term ownership. Buying the best SUV and truck tires for your vehicle can make your driving experience more comfortable, and most importantly, safer.