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Black Friday is a time to find the great shopping deals of the year, and they can usually be found on nearly everything you could want to buy. If you’re sitting on your couch, still digesting Thanksgiving dinner, you may want to peruse online retailers for these SUV and truck accessories. After all, what good is an entire day devoted to shopping if you can’t get a vacuum cleaner for your SUV to pick up after your kids’ Christmas cookie crumbs?

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A vacuum cleaner for your pickup truck or SUV will keep crumbs off the floor

If your kids (or you) like to eat in your SUV or pickup truck, you can’t go wrong with a vehicle vacuum cleaner. While it may be a pain to have to regularly take a trip to the car wash, keeping an automotive vacuum in your SUV or truck makes it so much easier to clean up. A vacuum is one of the best SUV and truck accessories you can get. This vacuum cleaner from Amazon gets good reviews, so keep an eye on its sale price on Black Friday.

A drop stop keeps your cell phone from becoming lost in the depths of your SUV

If you’ve ever dropped your cell phone into the crevices between your middle console and the driver’s seat, and then tried to stick your hand far enough into the hole to retrieve it – and then gotten your hand so stuck that you thought you just might have to call the fire department to free you, then you know why this is such a good idea. A drop stop keeps your stuff from falling into the inexplicable portal found in so many SUVs and trucks.

New floor mats aren’t fun, but they are practical SUV and truck accessories

Buying new floor mats for your pickup truck or SUV won’t make you wait by your mailbox, but they’re the kind of thing you really do need. Without floor mats, the floor of your SUV or truck really does get pretty gross. Getting a good deal on floor mats will make you feel a little bit better about something you’re essentially going to rest your dirty shoes on every day without ever noticing again.

A cargo holder organizes your stuff and keeps that loose baseball from catapulting into the back of your head

Even though most of us carry a whole bunch of things in the cabin of our truck or SUV without thinking twice about it, loose objects can become projectile in an accident or emergency stop. That’s why a cargo holder won’t just keep you super organized, it will also keep you safer. There are a whole variety of styles you can choose from to suit your vehicle’s size and shape, as well as your particular storage needs.

Cup coasters keep your coffee from becoming tiny smelly pools

It’s nearly impossible to never not spill your coffee. If you’ve ever discovered a small pool of smelly liquid in your cup holder, you just might want to consider getting a couple of cupholders to keep your SUV or pickup truck just a little bit cleaner.

SUV and truck accessories for your pet will make taking them hiking a breeze

There are countless pet accessories available for your furry friend and your SUV or truck. Seat covers allow your SUV or pickup to stay fur-free, while seatbelts will keep your dog safe. And, if your dog is the kind that likes to try to climb in your lap while you’re driving, Black Friday is a great opportunity to keep yourself safer – and sane.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all of the great truck and SUV accessories out there. Black Friday gives you an opportunity to try them out at a reasonable price. Who knows? This may be the year that you finally get – and keep – your SUV coffee and crumb-free. Or it might be the first time you take your dog to the mountains without having to bring the commercial vacuum out to clean up your truck afterwards.


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