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Not all sports cars are created equal; some of the best sports cars on the market are actually brand new. Right now, the emphasis seems to be on SUVs and electric vehicles, while sports cars are lingering around as an afterthought.

The Nissan GT-R is ont of the best sports cars that nobody buys

The Nissan GT-R is one of the best sports cars that no one buys
A Nissan GT-R sports car on display at a car show | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

According to this list on Hot Cars, the Nissan GT-R is one of the most iconic JDM cars on the market. Unfortunately, the GT-R isn’t selling like it used to. People seem more interested in the 25-year old analog versions over the new, modern interpretation. Nissan only sold 228 units last year, which is a bit sad. It hasn’t gotten a significant update since 2009 and is priced at over $110,000, and people seem to overlook the GT-R.

People overlook the Audi R8 sports car due to the price

You have probably seen an Audi R8 on the road if you’ve been to Miami lately or anywhere in California. Otherwise, the R8 has sort of slunk into oblivion. It did sell more units than the GT-R, selling just under 650 times in 2021. But beyond that, the $150,000 price tag seems to sway people out of the V10 sports car.

A historically significant vehicle is the Ford GT

The Ford GT is one of the most expensive options on this list of sports cars. In fact, it almost teeters the line between sports cars and supercars. Priced at around $500,000, you can’t even find the Ford GT if you want to. It sold 123 units in 2021, which is about as expected. The Ford GT isn’t your everyday sports car; it is more for the enthusiast driver.

People often overlook the sporty Subaru BRZ

One car that doesn’t get enough love is the Subaru BRZ. Affordable, quick, fun, and small enough to rival a Mazda Miata. Subaru sells many cars, but even the 2,320 units the BRZ sold in 2021 doesn’t seem high enough. It is actually the worst-selling vehicle in the whole Subaru lineup. In fact, the automaker calls it a “high-performance sports car” and priced at under $30,000, we have to agree.

The Acura NSX had a good run, but that’s over now

The Acura NSX was all over the news when it hit the market again in 2017. Then it stopped. Acura already announced that 2022 would be the final production year for the NSX. This sports car starts at around $170,000, making it quite an expensive option. It does have a 3.5L twin-turn V6 with 600 hp, which is suitable enough. Only 124 units sold in 2021, with some buyers noting that the interior was lacking for the price.

The Toyota GR86 is similar to the Subaru BRZ but wants to stand out more

The Toyota GR86 (or Toyota 86 as it was formally known) is another underrated sports car option. Similar to the BRZ, the GR86 is pretty fun and reasonably priced. It starts at under $30,000 and has 228 hp, but it only sold 1,046 cars in all of 2021.

The Jaguar F-Type sports car only sold about 2,000 units

While it might look more expensive than it is, the Jaguar F-Type is only around $70,000. The F-Type is a pretty solid sports car option with two doors and a five-star rating from Kelley Blue Book for the interior. It has adaptive suspension and 575 hp but only sold 2,112 units all of last year—justice for the Jaguar F-Type.

While the Audi TT is small, it is still pretty fun to drive

Another option from Audi, the Audi TT doesn’t sell very well. Only 987 units sold last year, which seems like a low number. Priced at over $50,000, it only has 228 hp to offer. That is enough for the size of the TT, but it often gets overlooked for other sports cars. Car and Driver ranked it 23 out of 29 for reliability, too.

There are a lot of sports cars on the market right now, but the general public seems to be more interested in SUVs. The enthusiast market is alive and well, but it is also full of a lot of good options that often get overlooked. Use that to your advantage to get a better deal!


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