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Thankfully, there are more great small RVs now than ever before, but finding the right RV is actually pretty tough. These machines operate as much like a house as they do a vehicle. So, when looking for the best small RV for couples, both people’s goals have to be addressed. Like, a house, those goals and features can vary dramatically, making shopping around pretty important. With that in mind, here is a list of a handful of the best small RVs for couples.

Updated: 9/9

The interior of the Unity , one of the best small RVs for couples
Unity 2021 | Leisure Vehicles

How to find the best small RV for couples? 

The RV market is splitting at the seams, with all the newcomers offering new and innovative RV designs. While this boom is really fun and exciting, it can make the shopping process overwhelming. 

In the interest of helping to narrow the search, we have decided to focus on smaller RVs. This segment has quickly become one of the more popular RV classes. Class A RVs are the ones we may think of as the default camper. 

These motorhomes are massive, bus-like machines that typically have every amenity known to man and can easily scratch past the $500,000 mark. Aside from being prohibitively expensive for most customers, these monster rigs are not capable of more adventurous travel. A Class A camper may struggle with some small winding roads and low bridges, so you can go ahead and forget about off-roading. Because of this, the smaller Class B and C RVs and camper vans have grown in popularity. 

The Leisure Travel Vans Unity is one of the best small RVs for couples

The Leisure Travel Vans Unity cruising down the road
Unity 2021 | Leisure Vehicles

The folks at Trail and Summit are about this bad little RV. Measuring at just an inch over 25 ft, the Unity is a small RV package built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Cab chassis, classifying it as a Class C motorhome.

This small camper works great for couples because it has six different floor plans, making it much easier to find the right layout for both parties. The Murphy Bed model is the most popular small RV for couples because it accommodates two for sleeping, leaving 55 cubic feet of exterior storage, more wardrobe space, and a generally open feel. The other models offer a second bed for two more, making the living space more cramped. 

The Leisure Travel Vans Unity has a starting MSRP of $157,765.

The Winnebago Ekko

The Winnebago Ekko rules the small RV world. This photo shows people gathered a fire pit with the ekko in the background.
The 2021 Winnebago Ekko | Winnebago

At just a few inches over 23 ft, the Winnebago Ekko is even smaller than the Unity. This machine is easily one of the best small RVs for couples, especially if you want a little more adventure. 

Trail and Summit has three Winnebagos on their list, but the Ekko has been a standout adventure RV for the past little while and shows no signs of slowing down. 

The Ekko is built on the Ford Transit chassis, blending the Class C amenities with the go-anywhere attitude of an overlanding camper van. It comes loaded with solar panels, batteries, a second alternator, and piles of other self-sufficient gear to make trailblazing a breeze. 

Despite its small size, the Ekko can sleep up to four people, giving campers the option of bringing the kids or friends along for the journey. 

The Winnebago Ekko starts at $163,662. 

What best small camper for couples list would be complete without an Airstream? 

Airstream 24GL is parked in a lovely field with a table and chair set up. This is one of the best small RVs for couples
2022 Airstream Interstate 24GL | Airstream

The Airstream Interstate 24GL stays in a similar size range as the others at 24-ft long. Although this doesn’t seem much bigger, this small camper for couples is rated as a Class B RV. Unlike the aluminum bullets we are used to, this Airstream is built using the Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter chassis. 

This little beefcake can seat nine people and sleep two. Although it’s a touch bigger than some of the other best small campers for couples, this one still has on-demand air ride suspension and 4×4 capability. You can still take your boo out for a week in the woods with the confidence that your rig can hack it. 

These are only a few of the best small RVs for couples

While we think these small campers for couples are some of the best options out there, that doesn’t mean they are the only options out there. The price points of these campers are still a real hindrance for many people. Don’t fret; there are still plenty of more affordable options for small campers and RVs, too. 

As more people join in the camper van and RV life, more companies will continue to join in the fun, making more competitive and, hopefully, more affordable options. 


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