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Hands down, the award for the best sedan for tech lovers is the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Rolling off the assembly line at a cool $455,000 the Phantom is packed with the most insane technology you’ve ever heard of. There are a few cars with one or two high-tech features, like the Porsche Taycan with its fast charging. However, the Rolls comes with a few features that are more advanced than a lot of other technology on the market. Here are a few features that make the Phantom stand out.

The Phantom is built to cushion

Rolls Royce Phantom on display in London
Rolls-Royce Phantom in London | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

The first thing to realize about the Rolls is, it’s built for pure convenience. It’s a first-class seat on a road-going Airbus A380 if that ticket came with a pre-paid masseuse that also kept your Dom Perignon chilled in the armrest. The Phantom has elevated footrests, tray tables, multiple refrigerators, and almost 300 pounds of insulation to achieve total silence. The car even uses triple-layer glass windows and custom tires with foam on the inside. A war could be going on right outside and the Phantom’s passengers would never know. There are even umbrellas inside the doors.

Auto-leveling suspension keeps the Phantom in a cloud

Roads, especially in America, have big potholes and little imperfections. Typically a luxury car will absorb the big bumps, but what about the little ones? Rolls-Royce saw fit to equip the Phantom with an extra damper that handles the smaller bumps. This exists on all four corners. The Phantom also gets a camera that scans the road ahead, looking for the bumps, and adjusts the suspension accordingly. Rolls-Royce charges extra for its active suspension system.

The smoothest ride with satellite-aided transmission

Rolls Royce Phantom in London
Rolls Royce Phantom in London | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

So far these features all seem believable, but here’s where things get a little bit crazy. The car will use GPS to scan the road you’re driving your Phantom on and schedule gearshifts ahead of time. In other words, as you’re approaching a corner at 30 mph, the car will decide it needs to be in second gear and will shift when the time comes. The goal is to provide the smoothest possible ride. Rolls-Royce has gone above and beyond when it comes to this particular goal.

The Phantom’s formidable night vision

As if its insane transmission wasn’t enough, the Phantom also comes with night vision. Using an infrared camera, the Phantom will scan almost 1,000 feet ahead and will alert the driver to what it sees. The car will display the camera’s feed on the dashboard and will aim the headlights in the direction of the object. This is standard on the Phantom, along with many state-of-the-art safety and driver-awareness features.

Packed to the gills with technology

Rolls Royce Phantom on display in London
Rolls Royce Phantom on display in London | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

With all of this technology in mind, the Phantom’s intimidating price still doesn’t shrink. However, it’s undeniable how advanced this car is. Asbury Automotive Group compared the Phantom to the Mercedes-Benz CLS, and the Mercedes came up short in nearly every facet. Mercedes charges extra for modern safety features like lane departure and cross-path detection. It doesn’t offer active sway bars like the Rolls, nor does it offer active suspension or gas-charged shocks, like the Phantom. Of course, the Mercedes only costs $72,000.

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