What Is the Best RV Toilet Paper?

RVs nowadays come with bathrooms, so you no longer have to visit the bushes or walk to campground toilets in the dark. You can even get toilets installed in camper vans too.

However, you’ll need to use them properly. That way, you won’t end up with a clogged latrine on your camping trip. Here are some RV-safe rolls to avoid a big mess. 

Why using regular toilet paper is bad in an RV

Most toilet paper can travel through RV plumbing safely, but the problem usually begins when it reaches the holding tank, Camping World explains. The more tissue and waste accumulate in the tank, the bigger the problem you’ll have in the end. 

Typically, you’d use your facilities while camping for a few days to a week or so. When you leave the area, you would stop by one of the dumping grounds, unload the waste, rinse out your holding tank, and go on your way. 

But you could have problems if the tank is small and you have a lot of waste. Toilet tissue and water also accumulate in there as well, so your loo could be difficult to flush after only a day or so, making you question whether it’s worth owning an RV

The difference between regular and RV-safe toilet paper

RV-safe toilet paper is formulated to disintegrate quickly in water. This helps it avoid clumping in big globs and getting stuck in the plumbing. But toilet tissue rolls made especially for campers are more expensive than regular rolls because they’re made of special biodegradable material.  

Regular toilet tissue typically doesn’t break down very fast. Sure, it eventually dissolves, but not as fas as RV-safe paper. You can expect to pay anywhere from $12 to $25 for four rolls of the biodegradable kind. Regular rolls cost about half the price. 

However, there’s another option. You can purchase regular toilet paper that dissolves quickly in water, albeit a little slower than the biodegradable kind made for RVs. You can find these rolls at a more affordable price and get more for your money. But it’s best to test them by putting a square in a glass of water and seeing how quickly it dissolves or how completely it breaks down. If it doesn’t break down fast, avoid it. 

Brands that are safe to use in campers


How To Avoid a Bathroom Disaster in Your RV

Scott toilet tissue makes rolls specifically for RV campers. They work well and dissolve faster than regular toilet paper. The only downside is it can get a bit spendy to buy this popular brand. 

RV Share also recommends Thetford Aqua-Soft toilet paper. This brand is one of the most common for campers, and it comes in two-ply rolls. It’s also among the least expensive brands. 

Another great option is Camco RV TST toilet paper. It’s also two-ply and dissolves quickly. The best part about this brand is it doesn’t come with any perfumes or dyes, which helps if you have sensitive skin. 

By using quick-dissolving paper, you can avoid filling your RV waste tank too fast. Avoid using regular toilet tissue because it doesn’t break down well. Otherwise, you’ll have a messy bathroom to clean up before your trip is over.