Best Reliable Slightly-Used SUVs According to Consumer Reports

Buying a car that is only a few years old can have a lot of benefits. For popular vehicles like SUVs, most of the problems that any car will have will usually be found and resolved with recalls. Another thing to keep in mind is that many cars come in generations, and SUVs within that generation don’t differ much. For many cars, the 2017 models aren’t much different from the 2020 models, so you can get the same vehicle for a significantly lower price.

The luxury of Lexus

Many people have been loving the Lexus SUVs in the latest generation, and that includes the 2017 model years. Lexus offers aggressive and modern styling combined with comfort and luxury to produce excellent vehicles that are still affordable for their class. Even better, they are more reliable than a lot of other luxury car brands, even if you are looking to buy one that is a few years old.

2019 Lexus RX 350
Lexus RX 350 | Lexus

Buying a 2017 Lexus GX or Lexus RX won’t leave you disappointed. Both starting around $30,000 they are excellent options for family vehicles or just practical SUVs. While they aren’t the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market, but their luxury and reliability make them well worth it.

Fan-Favorite SUVs

The Toyota 4Runner is already a relatively popular option for buying a used SUV, and buying a 2017 model year won’t leave you disappointed. The 4Runner is off-road capable, and they are so common that they are inexpensive to find parts for or even customize. Owners don’t have much to complain about when it comes to the 4Runner, and even though it might be a few years old they will have a long life ahead of them.

A red Toyota 4Runner on display at an auto show
A Toyota 4Runner on display | Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

A full-sized option

Getting an SUV that has 3 rows of seating for larger families or extra cargo space is already stressful. The options are pretty limited, and as full-sized SUVs, they are typically more expensive. For these larger vehicles with extra seats, you want to know that you are getting something reliable. The 2017 Toyota Highlander might just be the right option. New enough to have standard safety tech but old enough to have depreciated to a more reasonable price, the Highlander is a reliable and comfortable option for an SUV with 3 rows of seating.

A Toyota Highlander on a test drive
The Toyota Highlander on a driving test | Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner is Trying to Make a Comeback

There are so many options for SUVs on the used car market, so it can be hard to know that you are getting everything you want. Buying a car that is only a few years old, around the 2017 model year now, according to Consumer Reports, can mean getting a car that’s just as good as the newest model without paying that new-car price.