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The year is 2022, and pickup trucks are more luxurious than ever. More enhanced technology turns work vehicles into plush, convenient rides with each passing year. To be more specific, pickups truck tailgates are more functional than ever. Automakers are adding features to tailgates that you didn’t know you needed. However, once you see them, you’ll wonder what took so long.

Best pickup truck tailgates of 2022: Chevy Silverado multi-flex

The 2022 Chevy Silverado multi-flex tailgate is one of the best pickup truck tailgated for 2022.
2022 Chevy Silverado tailgate | Chevrolet

The multi-flex tailgate is probably the most popular of all the fancy new truck tailgates, and for good reason. There have been plenty of commercials showing off its many amazing abilities. Firstly, it’s a power tailgate with functions controllable through the key fob, tailgate-mounted buttons, or instrument panel. With the press of the button, the gate will open and close softly and quietly.

Next, tons of fold-out pieces turn the multi-flex tailgate into anything you need. Pull out the step and walk right into the truck’s bed for easier access. Additionally, the inner gate provides a standing desk space for those who need to measure, write, or use a laptop on the job. Another use for the desk is loading a second layer of items into the bed, which would rest on the raised surface. Finally, there’s a load stop for the bottom and top layer, providing a longer area to store large items.

Ram’s multifunction tailgate has everything but the kitchen sink

The 2022 Ram 1500 Crew Cab is a safe truck
The 2022 Ram 1500 Crew Cab truck parked in a driveway | Ram

Starting with the 2020 model year, Ram introduced its multi-function tailgate. In the same vein as the Chevy, it adds convenience features that seem so obvious it makes you wonder why trucks are just getting them now. One thing Ram’s does that Chevy’s doesn’t is open side to side on hinges. Moreover, Ram owners can get as close as they want to the truck’s bed. This allows for easy loading and unloading, especially for items closer to the cabin than the tailgate.

Additionally, the Ram multifunction tailgate has a step just like its rivals’. Other features like the standing desk and load stop aren’t standard in Ram’s pickups yet. However, almost every automaker sells a load stop or bed extender accessory separately that serves the same purpose.

A new Ford tailgate copies features from Ram and Chevy

Silver 2023 Ford F-150 Rattler parked on rocky terrain, highlighting its release date, price, and features
2023 Ford F-150 Rattler | Ford

As with most things in the automotive industry, one automaker sets the trend, and everyone else follows. That’s why Ford copied its rivals with their tailgate technology. Firstly, the Ford multifunction tailgate is split 60/40 on side hinges like Ram’s. Additionally, it uses a pop-out step and stability bar for easy access to the bed without opening the hinged doors. As of early 2022, only patents were filed for the Ford multifunction tailgate. It is not currently available on any Ford models, though it could become available on 2023 entries later this year.

Rivian has new pickup truck tailgate functionality on the way


Which Truck Really has the Best Tailgate?

Just like Ford, Rivian has only filed a patent so far. In short, it’s unavailable on the current R1T but could join the electric truck lineup later this year for 2023 models. Like Ford, it’s taking the best ideas from Chevy and Ram and attempting to improve upon them. The electric vehicle startup filed patents for three different pieces of tailgate technology.

Firstly, it filed a patent for a tailgate with a step, just like its competitors. However, Rivian adds a telescoping tailgate, allowing the gate to slide out and in or up and down. In other words, the bed would become customizable in size, depending on the load owners carry. Next, the third patent is for a cargo-holding system. In short, anchor points on the folded-down tailgate connect to just about anything to secure them in place. The automaker showed them off in the patent photos using a bicycle.

Best pickup truck tailgates of 2022

What are the best pickup truck tailgates for 2022? You’ll want to go with the Chevy Silverado’s multi-flex tailgate for the current model year or the Ram 1500 multifunction tailgate. Later this year or next year, we’ll likely see Ford and Rivian’s versions of similar technology. Buying a pickup truck in 2022 gives consumers a lot to consider. You’ve got to figure out which model has the best tailgate to suit your needs.