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The four-door cab has become the default pickup truck configuration. In fact, “regular cab” pickup trucks with a single row of seating account for just 3% of all sales. It’s unsurprising that every full-size truck manufacturer offers a cab with a back seat engineered for even adults to be comfortable. Whether your family will fit in a smaller cab or needs a full crew cab depends on your unique family’s needs. But it might surprise you how much more than MSRP these crew cab configurations will cost.

What are good pickup truck cabs for a family of five?

Any full-size pickup truck with a full-size “crew cab” is engineered for five adults and will have ample room for a family of five. When pickup trucks were almost exclusively for work, these trucks were cabs for work “crews.” Today brand names include the CrewMax and SuperCrew and the regular old Crew Cab.

The fold-flat front seats in a new Ford F-150 pickup truck crew cab.
2021 Ford F-150 | Ford

The Nissan Titan only comes with two cab sizes. The King Cab is, confusingly, the smaller option. The Crew Cab is the larger cab. It has four forward-hinged doors and 38.5 inches of rearseat legroom. The Toyota Tundra CrewMax is larger than the Titan Crew, with 41.6 inches of rear seat legroom.

The next three crew cab options are almost the same size. The aforementioned GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado 1500 “Crew Cabs” both offer 43.4 inches of legroom to your rear passengers. Ford doesn’t offer any economic F-150 cab with four four-hinged doors. Any F-150 with four forward-hinged doors is the “Super Crew,” which has 43.6 inches of legroom in the back.

What is the best pickup truck cab for a family of five?

The largest rear seat in the full-size half-ton truck segment goes to the Ram 1500. The Ram 1500 “Crew Cab” offers 45.2 inches of rear seat legroom. Multiple reviewers–such as Ben Hardy on YouTube–have called the fifth-gen Ram 1500’s interior one of the nicest in the segment.

This Ram 1500 interior is the roomiest pickup truck cab for a family of five, complete with a cooler and reclining rear seat.
2021 Ram 1500 Limited | Stellantis

The Ram 1500 actually has so much rear-seat legroom that its rear seat can recline up to eight degrees. The only downside of a reclining rear seat that we can think of is your passengers all having to agree on just how much to recline it.

Other family-friendly features of the Ram 1500 include the durability of its interior and the durability of its interior materials. The truck also has storage under the rear seat for long items such as lacrosse or hockey sticks, if your passengers don’t want to just toss them in the bed. The rear seat area even has a small cooler built into the floor.

See how all the crew cab half-tons’ leg room compares in the table below:

Pickup Truck ConfigurationConfigurationRear Leg Room
Nissan TitanCrew Cab38.5 inches
Toyota TundraCrewMax41.6 inches
GMC Sierra 1500Crew Cab43.4 inches
GMC Sierra 1500Crew Cab43.4 inches
Ford F-150SuperCrew43.6 inches
Ram 1500Crew Cab45.2 inches

How much do crew cab pickup trucks cost?

A full “crew cab” half-ton pickup truck offers ample room for rearseat passengers. But these trucks also cost at least $40k. And that’s for a 2WD version with the base engine.

A 2024 Ram 3500 Limited Crew Cab heavy-duty pickup truck model parked by a stone ledge as the sun sets
2024 Ram 3500 Limited | FCA

Ford currently advertises a $33,695 MSRP for its 2023 F-150 XL with the “Regular Cab.” Bumping up to the “SuperCrew” will mean your truck starts at $40,640.

The cheapest Nissan Titan with the smaller “King Cab” will set you back at least $39,950. The “Crew Cab” in the same trim begins at $41,740.

The 2023 Ram 1500, with its four-door-only configuration, starts at $37,410 for the compact “Quad Cab.” You’re looking at at least $40,110 for the larger “Crew Cab.” The Toyota Tundra not only has similar configurations to the Ram 1500, but comes in at similar pricepoints. Its entry-level trim in the “Double Cab” configuration has an MSRP of $38,965. Opting for the “CrewMax” configuration bumps this to at least $41,015.

According to the Chevrolet configurator website, the Silverado 1500 “Regular Cab” configuration is $38,195 and up. For a “Crew Cab” you are looking at $43,895 minimum. The GMC Sierra’s “Regular Cab”/”Crew Cab” comes in at $40,245/$42,895.

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