Best New Tires for an ATV

If you ride an ATV, you’ll end up needing new tires for it sooner or later. Whether you are buying a used ATV and want to replace the tires right away, or you are researching ATV tires for future reference, knowing what to buy is important. We’ve cross-referenced a few sources found that these are the best new tires for an ATV.

quads driving on a trail showing off their sandy ATV tires
ATVs on a sandy trail | SAM PANTHAKY/AFP/Getty Images

How much do they cost?

According to Boost ATV, the price range on a new ATV tire option can vary quite a bit. Probably the most popular, the all-terrain ATV tires range from about $50-$150 per tire. The same goes for mud tires. However, if you want a more designated tire it can cost you.

Hard or rock crawling ATV tires cost anywhere from over $100-$250. Sand tires start at $50 but can range up to around the $450 price point. Then there are snow tires, sport/racing tiers, and youth tires. These range from $60-$190, $70-$120, $20-$80, respectively.

Choosing the right ATV tire

When you go to choose an ATV tire for your specific needs, you’ll want to pick a tire intended for the terrain you most often ride. That said, all-terrain ATV tires typically fare quite well for most riders. If you only take your quad out for fun after a hard rain, you’ll likely want mud tires. Either way, you’ll want one of the best new tires for an ATV.

If you have spent any amount of time checking out ATV tires, then you’ve likely come across the term “ply.” A higher ply means increased traction. For example, a lower 2-ply rating means you’ll get better traction and control when navigating high inclines. Plus, they are decent on road but offer a decent ride over softer surfaces as well. Lower ply ratings are intended for sports machines and not so much for workers that haul heavy loads.

the Sedona Buck Snort in a press photo against a white backdrop displays the tread of one of the leading new ATV tire options
Sedona Buck Snort ATV tire | Sedona Tire and Wheel

A higher ply rating, like 6-ply ATV tires, are best if you want hardcore traction. This type of tire is designed to tackle the tough stuff while maintaining optimal performance. Plus, a higher ply rating means better towing and hauling specs. One of the greatest advantages of a high-ply tire is that this type of ATV tire is far less likely to puncture and it generally lasts longer.

What’s the best tire for an ATV?

It’s important to know what type of riding you use your ATV for. Then you can choose which type of tire best fits the needs you have for your machine and go from there. Of course you also have to check your ATV model and determine what size of tire you want to buy as well. But once all of that is out of the way, what are the best tires for an ATV?

If you––as most other ATV riders are––looking for a high quality all-terrain or mud-oriented ATV tire option that you can run on your machine and do a little bit of everything, there are some tires that are considered better than others. For a mud tire, Tire Dealer recommends the ITP AT Mud Terrain. This tire is said to be “an amazing yet economical option that gives you so much stability and responsiveness in difficult and challenging terrains while also letting you smoothly glide through sticky and slippery mud pits, and more.”


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There are several great options out there. recently shared a great list of the best new tires for an ATV. The ITP AT Mud Terrain tire made it onto that list as well. The editor’s choice tire is the Sedona Buck Snort tire.

In testing with the folks at, the Sedona Buck Snort impressed with its versatility, durability, and cool deer track tread pattern. There are two Maxxis brand tire options that made the list as well. The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 is the most popular tire. The Maxxis Coronado also made the cut the best new ATV tire option for rough terrain. We run Maxxis tires on both our Honda Recons; so far each set has performed quite well.