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What is the Best Luxury EV?

EVs have slowly, but steadily, become mainstream vehicles in almost every segment of the car market. But, while many automakers are now focusing on making affordable EVs that middle-class families can afford, there are still some great luxury EVs on the market. Here's a look at the best luxury EV available right now.

EVs have slowly become mainstream vehicles in almost every segment of the car market. While many automakers are focusing on making affordable EVs that middle-class families can afford, there are still great luxury EVs on the market. Here’s a look at the best luxury EV available. 

The past, present, and future of luxury EVs

Over a decade ago, Elon Musk posted a manifesto called the Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan. The plan was simple, and it’s clearly working out in Tesla’s favor. Tesla was building itself from the ground up, and it needed a lot of money. Tesla built and sold a high-end luxury EV with some eye-catching specs, the Tesla Roadster. The company then used the money it made to build cheaper cars until EVs eventually became affordable. 

Tesla’s secret master plan has worked out spectacularly. Many automakers seem to be following in Tesla’s footsteps. While there are a few affordable EVs on the market, such as the Tesla Model 3 or the Nissan Leaf, there are many luxury EVs. This is a sign that many automakers are focusing on luxury EVs first, just like Tesla did. 

Eventually, more affordable EVs will enter into automaker’s lineups. Until then, automakers will probably create luxury EVs because they continue to be popular with customers. As such, the future of luxury EVs is bright, as many luxury automakers are only starting their transition into EVs. For example, Ferrari will soon build a Ferrari EV.

The Porsche Taycan is the best luxury EV

According to CNET, the best luxury EV right now is the Porsche Taycan. The Taycan is a Porsche, and it will be expensive. It starts at just a tad over $100,000, and its popular trim, the Turbo, costs over $150,000. But, the Taycan will provide a lot of value to anyone who can afford it.

While that’s a high price tag, many folks may write off the Taycan due to its seemingly poor range. On paper, it gets an estimated 192 miles of range. At best, with all the right trims and options, the Taycan gets a max estimated range of 227 miles. However, like CNET wrote, in the real world, the Taycan’s range is fine. There’s room for improvement, but most folks should have no problem with it.

Why the Porsche Taycan is so good

Asides from its range, the Taycan has a lot going for it. CNET’s editors unanimously picked the Taycan as the best car in the segment. One of the main reasons was its fundamentals. Like CNET wrote, “Its build quality and driving dynamics are basically unassailable.” The Taycan’s great driving dynamics, combined with its powerful electric motors, allows the Porsche to lead the pack easily.

The standard Taycan has 400 hp, while the Turbo has over 750 hp. Even with the regular Taycan, CNET was impressed by its performance and wrote, “The base Taycan offers a driving experience that’s leaps and bounds beyond any other EV on sale right now.”

Plus, if folks want to spend the extra money on the Turbo, they can get a lot out of it. The Taycan Turbo’s 750 hp allows it to go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. As such, the Taycan is a fast, fun, and ultimately, great luxury EV.


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