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Every year shopping for a new luxury car gets a little more challenging. The competition gets stiffer, and there are more models to consider. Because of this, figuring out the best option for your lifestyle is imperative. Luckily, the rankings are in, and U.S. News & World Report put out their list of best luxury automakers for 2022.

5. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has consistently been one of the most sought-after automakers, and for 2022 that is no different. Mercedes-Benz offers drivers the chance to get a sedan or coupe that is remarkably luxurious, comfortable to drive, and stands out from the crowd.

The line-up of new Mercedes-Benz models is impressive. Mercedes is known for its top-of-the-line luxury models and they also make it a point to offer models that will appeal to all drivers. Models like the A-Class sedan, C-Class sedan, and CLA Coupe can be friendlier on your wallet. If you have money to burn, the S-Class sedan and EQS full-electric sedan are worthy options to consider!

4. Tesla

When shoppers think of fully-electric sedans, Tesla is the brand that immediately comes to mind. Since Tesla’s introduction in 2009, they have continually raised the bar of what an electric car could be. With their Model 3 and Model S, they have launched themselves squarely into the conversation of the best luxury car brands. 

The midsize Model 3 is an excellent choice for most drivers thanks to an attractive starting price and a fully-loaded price that isn’t far from the competition. Furthermore, the interior is luxurious and futuristic, ensuring drivers and passengers can enjoy an electric sedan that can always stand out. Because of this, the Model 3 has quickly become the choice for more drivers.

The larger, full-size Model S is one of the unique options thanks to its spacious interior and incredible performance. The Model S was just on the receiving end of a remarkable refresh that improved the infotainment display, the car’s performance, and more space in the interior.

3. Audi

In the world of German automakers, Audi, in many ways, stands alone. They confidently combine modern styling, a balanced driving experience, and top-notch comfort into one complete luxury car. Drivers of all types will love what is offered to make the different Audi models a viable option.

There are several choices to consider when you look at the different Audi sedans. You can enjoy models like the A3, A4, A6, A8, or one of their coupes like the A5, A7, and TT, there are several choices to consider. Audi will have you covered whether you want a fun-to-drive sedan or a fully-loaded luxury model. Furthermore, Audi also offers you an exciting performance model in the form of the R8, as well as the fully-electric e-tron GT.

2. Genesis

One of the newest luxury brands available, Genesis offers drivers the chance to get something that is incredibly refined and more remarkably equipped. A new Genesis can stand out from the competition because of its ability to offer drivers luxury cars with much more for much less. 

Even though the pricing of Genesis is lower than much of the competition, models like the G70, G80, and G90 offer expertly designed exteriors, luxurious interiors, and top-notch technologies. That all pairs with incredible performance that can make sure you can enjoy any road with ease.

1. Porsche

The top luxury automaker shouldn’t shock any shopper who has been keeping up with what Porsche has been doing. For years, Porsche has consistently built incredible luxury models that offer some of the most impressive performance imaginable. Models such as the 911, Cayman, and Boxster can bring you a fantastic driving experience that will make you smile every time you hit the gas.

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Aside from the three models mentioned above, Porsche is also ready to offer you some great family-friendly models, such as the Panamera, bringing incredible features and luxury. Furthermore, the Taycan is a fully-electric car and is among the quickest production models available in 2022. 

The best of the rest

U.S. News’ list of best luxury automakers of 2022 features several other brands. Just because they didn’t make the top-5 doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. If luxury cars from the automakers above don’t match your needs, look at models from Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, and Volvo.

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