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Innovation is a driving force in the automotive industry, and a pickup truck is a fantastic example of this. These features have been driving innovation in the industry as of late. It’s clear that buyers in this segment are looking for more consumer-friendly features. The following features are some of the best in the industry and warrant a closer look.

GMC MultiPro Tailgate for pickup trucks

GMC's splitting tailgate for pickup trucks as seen on the Sierra truck
2021 GMC Sierra pickup truck tailgate | GMC

The bed of the GMC Sierra pickup truck is a wild place to be. Reinforced with carbon fiber of all things, the new design from the American automaker promises to add much versatility to the item buyers care most about in their trucks: the bed. The party tricks start with the opening of the bed, which can be done remotely or by hand. The tailgate can also be split in half longways; and offers a hinge that can be flipped up for longer cargo.

That’s not the end of the bed’s functionality. Far from it, actually. To accommodate yet more awkward-sized cargo, the cutout can also be folded in half longways. What’s more, the whole assembly can be collapsed downward. This handy feature allows much easier access to the bed. Alternatively, it serves as a nice place to sit, and even comes with indents for cups in the tailgate. However, the MultiPro tailgate has nothing on the next contender’s ability to help you store more.

Honda Ridgeline pickup truck trunk

Honda's truck for pickup trucks seen on a Honda Ridgeline
2018 Honda Ridgeline trunk | Honda

Frankly, this feature is a bit aged. It debuted with the original Honda Ridgeline back in the early 2010s but has remained so popular it’s worth discussing. As seen above, a trunk has been integrated into the bed of Honda Ridgeline pickup trucks. The Japanese brand has even found a clever way to keep the spare tire handy in the same space.

Should you so desire, the spare could even be removed and placed in the bed for more in-trunk-covered storage. The feature has evolved somewhat over the last decade, too. Newer Ridgeline models have a small drain in them that can be used to remove fluids from the trunk. Of course, the tailgating possibilities here are endless. The feature is so popular it’s even made its way into the new GMC Hummer EV. Great as it is, it simply cannot match the practicality of the final feature on our list.

Trailer TMPS for Ford and GMC models

The display on a Ford pickup truck showing low tire pressure on the trailer
Ford’s pickup truck and trailer TPMS | Ford

Towing is a big deal for truck owners. Whether for work or leisure, 75% of truck owners tow with their vehicle at least once a year, according to The Drive. As you may well know, keeping your trailer in good health is just as important for safety as the tuck’s wellbeing. That’s why both Ford and GMC offer trailer tire pressure monitoring systems for customers who love to haul. Best of all, the system can either be optioned from the factory or installed by your dealer ex post facto. Regardless of which feature you like best, all offer fantastic innovations in the pickup truck market, and it’ll be interesting to see what the industry brings forth next.


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