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Sometimes, decorating your house just isn’t enough. Have you ever seen a car with some extra spooky Halloween decorations? Perhaps you attended an extra-spooky Trunk or Treat event? Get some spider webs, some fake blood, and some skeletons, and meet us in the garage. Halloween 2021 is shaping up to be a super spooky season!

Can I decorate my car for Halloween? Yes! These are the best Halloween decorations for cars

Halloween decorations for cars, including Trunk or Treat!
These are some of the best Halloween decorations for cars | Leonard Ortiz/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

The best Halloween decorations don’t have to be expensive or extensive. Arguably the easiest and spookiest decoration idea is the arm/leg hanging out of the trunk. Amazon calls it “Realistic Fake Hand with Cloth Arm for Car Trunk Dead Body Prank Decoration Prop.” That captures all of the possible keywords, but for $16.99, you can have a fancy fake arm hanging out of your trunk within 24 hours! Halloween decor 2021 starts with the fake arm decoration.

Ever since Dexter came on the scene with his love of blood, that seems to have carried over to the automotive world. People have taken to make cars look like crime scenes by adding fake blood to the outside. Often, people will add handprints and splatter marks to be reminiscent of vehicular homicide. If that’s your jam, you can probably find some “Bloody Handprint Clings” at Target or Amazon.

Car eyelashes, also known as carlashes, are an excellent addition to any car costume. No matter what your car is going as some fancy eyelashes are helpful.

Some of the best Halloween decorations are simple

Another great idea is to add some teeth to the front grille of the car. You can cut out some scary pointy teeth to make your Mazda Miata look more menacing, but you can add it to any vehicle. This used to be popular with 18-wheelers and large trucks who would decorate the front end with teeth and faces.

If you have a larger SUV like a Toyota Highlander with railings on the roof, you can attach skeletons and other scary stuff to those. Zipties are an easy way to decorate your car that you can remove pretty quickly temporarily. Another good option is an inflatable friend for the front seat. Don’t try to use the HOV lane with this Car Buddy Grinch from Dr. Seuss.

Don’t underestimate the power of some spooky spiderwebs and spiders. You can grab both for around $10 and add a giant tarantula to your roof. Nothing makes 5 o’clock traffic more exciting, like a tarantula on your neighbor’s roof.

Trunk or Treats really grew in popularity during the pandemic. It offered parents and children a way to trick or treat without being inside or getting too close to one another. Due to the popularity, you can buy a whole trunk or treat kit now. An excellent way to add some fun is with lights. You can get battery-powered or solar power lights and wrap the lights around the back seats. Oriental Trading has an entire section of the website dedicated to trunk or treat.

You can find something like this light-up ghost from Hyde & EEK! Boutique at Target that only needs three AA batteries. There are light-up cats and pumpkins as well. These will give your trunk or treat decorations some extra pizzazz once the sun goes down. Don’t be afraid to grab some spooky portraits from the thrift store as decor.

If you have trouble choosing, pick a theme! Minions, pirates, black cats, and monsters are always a hit. Dinosaurs, Maleficent, and Marvel superheroes are also some of the best Halloween decorations.


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