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Golf carts are not only for the golf course. These versatile machines are also used as university campus security vehicles, airport passenger transport, and fun camper companions. Some have even been custom-tailored to have cute or more functional looks. So, what are you looking for in your next golf cart, and which model is the best for your wants and needs?

Golf cart basics

Lines and rows of golf carts parked on a parking lot next to a golf course
A line of golf carts | Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images

When you choose your golf cart, you will look for a few different things to get the most for your money. The first choice is usually new or used. Used golf carts can pose some issues later down the road, as wear and tear have already begun. On the other hand, new models won’t be damaged outside or inside but can be a bigger burden on the wallet.

Additional features you will want to look at are the windshield, seating, headlights, canopy, and storage options, among its other amenities. You will want to make sure that these items are in immaculate condition unless you are looking to repair the golf cart before using it. Furthermore, the gas tank and/or battery condition is by far the most important thing to inquire about.

Electric or gas?

Golf carts were initially gas-powered vehicles intended to accompany golfers on their long 18-hole trips across the green. Intended to decrease walking distance and caddy need, these carts soon became a golfer’s best friend. Later on, electric models were created to offset the noise and pollution a gas-powered cart produced.

Gas-powered carts are a trifle faster, with the ability to go longer and haul heavier loads. Unfortunately, they do produce more environmental hazards such as noise and air pollution. So long as the gas tank is full, gas-powered models are ready to roll in minutes.

The benefits of an electric golf cart include versatility and quiet battery operation. However, they also require extended charging times and are often slower than gas-powered carts.

Best golf cart models


What You Should Know Before Buying a Used Golf Cart

In recent studies, there have been a few models that have outperformed the others. MotorBiscuit found two lists, Golf Span and Los Angeles Times, which have shown us their top favorites.

One of Golf Span’s favorites is the Yamaha Super Hauler. This golf cart is anything but ordinary! Boasting a truck-like back end, it can help you around the yard, campground, or even at work carrying heavy cargo. Depending on the setup and whether it’s used or new, you can expect to spend at least $6,000 on this beauty.

The LA Times’ top model is the E-Z-Go Freedom RXV Golf Cart. The model boasts a top speed of 19.5 mph and a 48-volt motor. It comes in 12 different colors. Its cost ranges between $7,000 to $12,000 with fully decked-out accessories.

Want something street-legal to put in your toy hauler for camping trips? Garia has introduced two street-legal models to get you from your RV to the corner store quickly. The Garia Monaco or Garia Via is ideal for short runs around the camp, golf course, or neighborhood. Including safety features such as seat belts and large cabin space, these golf carts can also come with high-tech amenities. These include a built-in refrigerator and charging ports for electronic devices. For these luxurious models, you will have to request a quote to find out the price.

Whether it’s camping, golfing, fishing, or just driving around the yard or neighborhood, golf carts are convenient and fun to use. Electric or gas, advanced or basic, these vehicles will help you move, haul, or travel wherever you desire.