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If you thought the competition was fierce on Survivor, you haven’t seen the two-row and three-row SUV segments. These sport utility vehicles have the latest features and technology to be in the running for the best family SUV, hopefully. Even if the best rated SUV from Honda isn’t your idea of the best midsize SUV, Toyota, and Kia have some solid contenders. Finding one with two rows is going to be the more challenging part. If anyone needs more space, it is the family SUV.

What is the best rated midsize SUV in 2023?

When Autoblog ranked some of the best rated SUVs of this year, the midsize Honda Pilot came out on top. It has three rows and allows for seven or eight passengers, depending on the seat configuration. Along with a refreshed exterior, the inside also received a revamp. As the best rated SUV with three rows, it has plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Even though the top SUV 2022 had to offer wasn’t the Pilot, that might be changed now.

For those who want the best family SUV on the market for 2023 but also want practicality, the Pilot is a good option. It even has a removable middle seat that makes it easier to get into the back row or add some extra space. Honda added thoughtful storage solutions throughout, and the safety systems should give you some peace of mind.

In a saturated market, discerning the best midsize SUV isn’t easy

One of the top SUVs 2022 had to offer was the Kia Telluride, but it definitely returned improved and ready to take on the midsize SUV segment. The Kia Telluride has more space in the second and third rows but also has thoughtful technology and features that add value. Kia updated the interior materials and design to make it family-friendly, adding things like extra USB chargers and captain’s chairs.

Some of the Telluride’s most noteworthy features include the comfortable space, quality materials, and value. Kia is giving some of the best family SUVs in the luxury segment a run for the money. It also doesn’t present like a three-row SUV with a ton of space, making it easy to drive and park daily.

Depending on how much space you need, the Kia SUV has room for the whole family. Sometimes, it can be hard to find due to its popularity. That is both good and bad, as Kia has stepped its SUV game up in the last few years.

The best midsize crossover SUV for families could be three rows, two rows, or even electric

This Toyota Highlander could be the best family SUV
A Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV | Toyota

One of the older nameplates on the market, the three-row Toyota Highlander Hybrid, isn’t resting on its reputation. The Highlander lands on many lists for the best family vehicle, but the hybrid version offering fuel economy gives it an edge. With 35 mpg combined, you might skip the gas station more often. EPA estimates say the Highlander Hybrid could save you an average of $850 a year, and it is only about $2,000 more than the non-hybrid version.

Even though the Toyota Highlander Hybrid only has 143 hp, that could be enough for drivers. The fuel economy makes up for the lack of power. Inside, the Highlander Hybrid received a refresh and an update. Toyota ensured this family SUV had a comfortable ride and a quiet cabin. It should be noted that the third row is not very big and is best suited for children.

The best family SUV appears to have three rows over two, and drivers will need every cubic foot of space. This is especially true if you have more than one car seat in the back. The best rated SUVs on this list from Honda, Toyota, and Kia should get your search started.


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