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Though there’s a massive market surrounding crossovers and small SUVs, compact cars are still a huge portion of the American automotive market. This rings especially true now with massive gas prices sending people searching for better fuel economy. So, if you’re looking for advice on which compact car to consider buying in 2022, look no further. However, you’ll find the answer isn’t at all surprising.

After decades on top, the 2022 Honda Civic remains the best compact according to KBB

A red 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Touring on the highway
2022 Honda Civic Sedan Touring | Honda

It’s never surprising for someone to recommend a Honda Civic when you’re shopping for a small car. It’s easy to see why. Historically, the Honda Civic has been one of the most affordable, reliable, and efficient compact vehicles on the market.

According to Kelley Blue Book, that hasn’t changed at all! KBB recently put out a list of the best compact cars of 2022, with the humble Honda Civic sitting on top of the list. It beat out the likes of the Hyundai Elantra and the Toyota Corolla. That begs the question; what makes it so great?

The 2022 Honda Civic wears the crown of the best compact car for a handful of reasons. One of which is its all-new 2022 redesign. Not only did it modernize the style and shape of the civic aesthetically, but it also improved the included technologies. It features an LCD instrument cluster and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with optional Bose premium sound.

An orange 2022 Honda Civic Si driving on a tree lined street
2022 Honda Civic Si | Honda

Of course, KBB gives it points for its notorious refinement and reliability. However, it also gives high praise for the Civic’s comfortable drive, which is still exciting even on lower trim levels. Additionally, the Civic has plenty of room for a compact car, which also helped tip KBB’s scales for naming it the best compact car to buy.

The only complaint KBB files against the 2022 Honda Civic is that the cabin could be a bit quieter. You can’t win them all! However, the Civic’s extensive wins and features far outweigh this sole complaint.

How much does a 2022 Honda Civic Cost?

a blue 2022 honda civic hatchback, choose this car for a standard selection of driver assistance technology
2022 Honda Civic Hatchback | Honda

The 2022 Honda Civic sedan starts at $22,350. Additionally, Hatchback models range in price from $23,250 at the low end to $29,850 for the almighty Si trim level.

The 2022 Civic is available with either a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder or a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder. Power output is 158 horsepower and 180 horsepower, respectively. Honda mated both engines to a CVT transmission. However, Sport and Touring trims on the hatchback models are available with a six-speed manual transmission.

The 2022 Honda Civic Si features a 200-horsepower version of the 1.5-liter four-cylinder and comes solely with a six-speed manual transmission. Of course, being an Si, it also features a bit stiffer suspension and has more spirited driving in mind.

Overall, it seems that the 2022 Honda Civic just upholds a tradition that’s been ongoing for decades now. If you need an affordable and reliable car that will get you, your friends, family, and cargo where you need to go without being completely absent of feeling, you get a Honda Civic.


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