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There are few games that are as fun to play as Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA V. Whether it’s driving ridiculous vehicles like ice cream trucks or tanks, or just driving regular cars that anyone can own, GTA V has it all. Here are the four best cars to own in GTA V.

Ocelot XA-21: combining style and speed

At a price tag of almost $2.4 million, the Ocelot XA-21 is one of the most expensive cars that’s available in GTA V. It tops out at 159 miles per hour, which will allow you to outrun almost every other car in the game. 

Not only is it a fast car, but it’s also a good looking one, too. Its design is inspired by the Jaguar C-X75 and the Koenigsegg Regera, according to The Gamer.

With its expensive price tag though, you’ll need to either spend a lot of time grinding out missions in order to afford the car or you’ll have to cough up some real cash and buy it through microtransactions. 

Grotti X80 Proto: a futuristic choice

This prototype hypercar isn’t the fastest car in GTA V, but it is a potent combination of beauty, exclusivity, and power. With a price tag of about $2.7 million, the Grotti X80 Proto is even harder to obtain than the Ocelot XA-21. But of course, if you don’t want to grind too many missions, you can always buy it with some real money. 

Its top speed isn’t that much higher than the Ocelot XA-21 however, as it tops out at 161 miles per hour according to Gamepur. That said, it does have very fast acceleration. In addition to that, since it’s a prototype car, it looks more sleek and futuristic than many other cars do.

The Gamer says that the design of the Grotti X80 Proto is a cross between a Ferrari F80 concept car and a Lamborghini Veneno, and that shows.

Pegassi Tezeract: one of the most expensive cars in Grand Theft Auto

This $2.8 million hypercar is one of the fastest cars that you can drive around in GTA V. It tops out at 169 miles per hour and it’ll allow you to outrun almost anyone in the game, provided that they aren’t flying around in a plane.

Inspired by the design of a Lamborghini, the Pegassi Tezeract is a beautiful beast to have in your garage. It’s not a perfect car however, as its acceleration is lacking. But once it gets up to its top speed, few things can even compete with the Pegassi Tezeract. 

And again, with its high price tag, you can either spend hours grinding out the cash for it or you can just buy it with some real money instead.

Lost Slamvan: one of the rarest cars in Grand Theft Auto

While it’s not the fastest nor the most beautiful car in GTA V, the Lost Slamvan is the rarest car in the game. That’s because the only way to get the Lost Slamvan is by playing in the online casino. 

It’s only obtainable by playing the Lucky Wheel game. While everyone gets one free spin every day, you can, of course, spend money to spin more. However, the chances of getting a Lost Slamvan are exceedingly rare. 

That’s because the Lucky Wheel has several categories of prizes and there’s only a 14% chance of getting a car as a prize. If you do get a car as a prize, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be the Lost Slamvan. 

According to Polygon, players will have a 0.005% of getting this unremarkable SUV from the Lucky Wheel game. While it’s an extremely exclusive car to own, the owners of the Lost Slamvan say that it’s actually a pretty terrible car to drive around in.