Best All-Season SUV and Truck Tires of 2021 According to Consumer Reports

Buying new tires for your SUV or truck can be a total headache. There are so many brands, endless options for buyers to browse through. But how are we supposed to choose the right tires? To streamline your search a bit, we’ve made a list of the best all-season SUV and truck tires of 2021 according to Consumer Reports.

A white Toyota Tundra TRD Pro on display at an auto show
A Toyota Tundra TRD Pro pickup on display during the Chicago Auto Show | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you want the best all-season SUV and truck tires of 2021 to replace your worn rubber, this list may prove helpful. Of course, the best tires for your specific truck or SUV will depend on a few things. Namely, the specific type of vehicle you have and that vehicle’s primary purpose. You won’t put the same tires on a Toyota Tundra that spends most of its time hauling hay down a dirt road as you’d put on a Kia Telluride that spends most of its time carpooling on city streets.

Are truck and SUV tires the same?

According to Consumer Reports, there are crossover SUVs that do just fine on car tires. However, for larger pickup trucks and SUV models a tire that’s ready to handle some heavier lifting might be in order. In addition, there’s an array of off-road tire options that suit the needs of certain drivers and their SUV or truck. But are truck tires and SUV tires the same?

As long as the tires are sized correctly, you can generally put the same tires on an SUV that you can on a pickup truck. However, there are exceptions where you’d prefer to buy more specific, designated tires.

Consumer Reports bought over 550 tires in 2020. After rigorous testing, there are top performers. In terms of tires for pickup trucks or SUV models, these are the best SUV and truck tires of 2021. There are standouts amongst the all-season SUV and truck tires.

Best all-season tires

General Altimax TR43 are among the best all-season truck tires of 2021 according to Consumer Reports. The testing of General Altimax TR43 tires found this tire offers a high level of dry braking efficiency. Plus, things like hydroplane resistance, traction in snow, and overall handling were also found superior to other options. The General Altimax TR43 also offers a tread life of 80,000––which is fantastic. Consumer Reports claimed, “there are no shortcomings for this tire based on our tests.” For an all-season tire, you can’t get a better set than this, and it even comes for a price of about $87 per tire.

a press photo of the general altimax rt43 tire
General Altimax RT43 | Tire Rack

“Traditional all-season tires offer a good blend of all-weather grip, secure handling, low noise, smooth ride, and long tread life.”

Consumer Reports

All-season tires for your SUV

For an SUV specific tire, Consumer Reports recommends Michelin CrossClimate SUV tires. These are priced from around $220 – $230 per tire. The other SUV tires recommended to all-season buyers are the Vredestein HiTrac and the Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive. The top-rated Michelin CrossClimate tires are said to do extremely well in snow, without falling short when the roads are clear. However, Consumer Reports does tell us that this tire’s shortcoming is its tread life of 40,000 miles. The Vredestein HiTrac offers 55,000 miles of tread life.

a michelin crossclimate tire against a white backdrop
Michelin CrossClimate all-season tire | Tire Rack

Best all-season tires for your pickup truck

For a truck specific set of tires, Consumer Reports recommends checking out Continental TerrainContact H/T. This truck tire offers great gip in addition to excellent all-weather handling. It also boasts a phenomenal tread life of 125,000 miles. All in all, if you’re looking for all-season tires these are the best SUV and Truck tires of 2021.


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