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Summertime means extra lawn mowing for most people around the world. Are you considering getting an air-conditioned lawn mower to keep you cool this summer? Keep reading to find more information about the A/C lawn mower cost and even an option from John Deere.

An air-conditioned John Deere lawn mower, the John Deere 1585

A John Deere air conditioned lawn mower
A John Deere air conditioned lawn mower | John Deere

This John Deere lawn mower is more for commercial use but is within the same price range. The John Deere 1585 lawn mower has a fully enclosed cab with both air conditioning and heat. That means you can use it even when there is snow on the ground. A few options are available on the market that will run you between $25,000 and $30,000 for this fully loaded air-conditioned lawn mower.

The John Deere lawnmower runs on diesel and has 37 hp. The John Deere ComfortCab keeps you safe from the elements and has a top speed of 15 mph. This lawnmower is fairly large and suitable for commercial use. If you are just mowing your personal yard in the suburbs, this one might be too large for such a job.

How much does an air-conditioned lawn mower cost?

There are a few different air-conditioned lawnmower options on the market, but how much does it cost? One option is by Cab-N-Air. This brand calls itself the world’s first A/C zero-turn mower cab. The Chiller has a 22,000 BTU air condition unit with a 39,000 BTU condenser. Even though it is a compact unit, this thing chills. Cab-N-Air says it is rugged, versatile, and sleek.

For clarification, the air-conditioned cab is installed on a Ferris zero-turn mower. To get your hands on a 2100 model with a 52″ deck, the price is $24,500 plus shipping. Staying cool inside the cab and safe from heat, bugs, and humidity is worth the price. That makes this one of the best lawnmowers consumers can buy. Cab-N-Air is working on producing a larger Chiller option and hopes to have it out this fall. Keep an eye on the company’s Facebook page for updates.

Why not get an air-conditioned cab to make your own?

Curtis Industries is offering a premium air-conditioned cab for the Kubota ZD1211 lawnmower. Curtis Industries isn’t making the lawnmower itself, but just the air-conditioned cab. So if you happen to have a Kubota ZD1211 lawnmower already, this cab fits those with either a 60″ or 72″ mower deck. That is for years 2016 or newer.

The cab is fully assembled upon purchase and made from lightweight aluminum. It is weather-tight, fully sealed, hard-coated, and tinted. This one also protects from weather, bugs, heat, and humidity. Curtis Industries is offering the air-conditioned cab for $9,375.00. If you need to buy the Kubota ZD1211 lawnmower first, that’ll cost you around $17,299.00. This is another lawnmower that is ready for larger yards. It might be too small for some commercial jobs.

The price of your new air-conditioned lawn mower definitely depends on the job. If you are looking to keep your lawn tidy a few times a year, a full-size commercial lawnmower probably isn’t necessary. However, the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks when it comes to air-conditioned lawnmowers. Staying out of the elements is extremely important these days, and an air-conditioned cab does just that.