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When it comes to luxury vehicles, drivers agree Audi is one of the brands that stand out, particularly for comfort and style. With its combination of luxury, performance, and available technology, the 2023 Audi Q7 outperforms its competitors in the third-row midsize luxury SUV category. Check out what this model offers and how it compares to other luxury SUV brands.

The Audi Q7 ranks highest among its segment

A white Audi Q7 parked indoors with a black background and screens.
Audi Q7 | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

According to Edmunds, the 2023 Audi Q7 is the top-rated model in its market segment of midsize 3-row luxury SUVs. There are many reasons it received this high ranking. Compared to other models, it is everything drivers, and passengers could want. The Q7 ranked high in performance, technology, and comfort.

According to Edmunds, the model still needs to improve on space. The third-row seating is a bit cramped, and the available cargo space is less than in other comparable models. It has also been reported that the SUV’s infotainment system can be distracting. It should also be noted that many of Audi’s best features are only available as upgrades to the Premium Plus or Prestige models.

The Q7 has the second-highest starting price among comparable SUVs

One drawback to the Audi Q7 for drivers looking to upgrade to a three-row SUV is the price. Out of all comparable models, the Audi Q7 has the second-highest starting price, at around $59,500 for the premium 2023 model. Low supply is also pushing prices higher than MSRP in many areas. The only third-row SUV with a higher starting price is the Land Rover Discovery which ranked fourth against the Audi Q7.

However, there are many perks that you get with the price of an Audi Q7. These features include a luxurious interior built with premium materials, a wide range of standard and optional tech features, and a balance between handling and a smooth ride. If you spend a little more to get the Prestige model of the Q7, you can enjoy additional features such as the Audi phone box, dual-pane side glass, and Remote Parking Assist Plus.

For those that want the same comfort and luxury as the Q7 without the price tag, the Audi Q5 may be a better option. While it appears very similar on the inside, the biggest difference is the lack of third-row seating.

If this is something that you can do without, you can save money and still enjoy the luxury of owning an Audi. The Q5 also has a hybrid option starting at $60,000. Although more expensive than the base model Q7, it can be a better option for those that want to transition to an electric hybrid vehicle.

The Audi Q7 may be worth the extra cost

If you and your family spend a lot of time in your SUV or want something above average for your next summer road trip, the Audi Q7 may be worth the extra cost to give you the style, comfort, and handling that you want. Comfort (not including its cramped third row) is one of the major perks of this specific model.

The Q7 provides comfortable and supportive front seats with heating and ventilation functions, a low level of road noise, and a four-zone climate control system. However, if you frequently need to use the third-row seating, it is important to note that the third row does not have vents and relies on the second-row vents and controls for airflow.

Overall, the Q7 is a top luxury SUV for those looking for comfort, style, and performance.


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