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For 2023, General Motors is giving a serious update to its mid-size truck for Chevy and GMC. The 2023 GMC Canyon will be all-new, and it also won’t be cheap. Just how expensive will it be? Well, to put things into perspective, the Canyon AT4X Edition 1 will cost over $65,000. That price puts it in the same territory as the 2023 Ford F-150 Platinum. 

What’s coming for the 2023 Canyon?

The GMC Canyon is entering a new generation, along with the Chevy Colorado. The engine lineup has been simplified, meaning the 2023 Canyon will no longer offer a V6 engine. Additionally, GMC is giving the Canyon a serious off-road trim, known as the AT4X. 

A 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X Edition 1 shows off its looks as a mid-size truck. It's not cheap though.
2023 GMC Canyon | GMC

The 2023 Canyon AT4X will come with a 2.7-liter turbocharged engine. It makes 310 horsepower and 430 pound-foot of torque. Additionally, a plethora of off-road goodies is featured, aiming this pickup directly at mid-size trucks like the Tacoma TRD Pro. But, there is one thing that will hold this truck back, and that is its cost. 

How expensive is the 2023 GMC Canyon?

According to Car and Driver, the 2023 Canyon will have a starting MSRP of about $38,000. In comparison, the 2023 Colorado will likely start around $30k. Don’t expect to get the AT4X for that cost though. Along with heightened capability, GM has seriously increased the price. 

If you’re lucky enough to get a Canyon AT4X Edition 1, you will be paying $66,290, and that is before potential dealership markups. Now, not every AT4X Canyon will cost that much. Without the Edition 1 package, GMC has priced it at under $60k. Still, for a mid-size truck, that does seem pretty pricey. Even with all of the capability that this small pickup truck delivers. 

The new GMC Canyon isn’t here yet

The 2023 Canyon has been announced, and reservations are open. But, don’t expect to see this mid-size truck on dealership lots yet. Chevy and GMC have stated that the new variant of the small pickup should arrive in early 2023. 

A 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X shows off its looks as an off-road mid-size truck.
GMC Canyon AT4X | GMC

The current GMC Canyon has been around for over 10 years. So, a new generation is overdue. With Nissan updating the Frontier and Toyota promising a new Tacoma, it is important that GM keeps up with the competition. 

By far the biggest news for the Canyon is the addition of the AT4X trim. If you want off-road capability in a luxury package, it is likely something that you should consider. That is, if you have $60k to spend on a mid-size truck. 

Will there be a 2023 Canyon Denali?

GMC is likely known best for its Denali trim, and there will be a 2023 Canyon Denali. The Denali package adds legitimate luxury and an array of features. The Denali trim does not really have any rivals from other brands. Most truck manufacturers save the big luxury features for full-size pickups. 

The interior of a 2023 Canyon Denali.
2023 GMC Canyon Denali | GMC

Much like the AT4X, the Denali trim will likely cost a pretty penny. But it just might be worth it to some consumers.