Best 2021 SUVs for Tall People According To Consumer Reports

Tall car shoppers often struggle to find a comfortable fit, even in large vehicles like SUVs. Choosing the right car for one, two, or more people is a challenge, especially when height is a concern. Legroom, head clearance, and accessibility should all be weighed before you buy. Consumer Reports weighed in on their top picks for tall drivers including luxury, economy, and green options.

Why is the BMW X5 a good SUV for tall people?

A blue BMW X5 SUV on display at an auto show
A BMW X5 displayed at an auto show | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

The BMW X5 offers surprising versatility. This luxury SUV made Consumer Report’s list of best vehicles for both tall and short drivers. This distinction is, in part, because of the ease of reach of the controls. For taller drivers, the X5 offers 40 inches of front legroom and 37 in of rear legroom, according to BMW’s website. The rich luxury interior finishes give this spacious SUV an elegant feel. Starting at $59,400 the X5 is a flexible option for anyone.

The Honda Pilot has both rugged utilities as well as space

The Honda Pilot offers a high level of utility with retail prices starting at $32,550. Honda’s website tells us the front seat has a roomy 41 inches of legroom. The minimum legroom in the second row is 27 inches, with the third row offering the same. The front seat is 61 inches wide From door to door, offering plenty of room to move around. Six inches of headroom make this SUV feel comfortable at any height. Few vehicles offer the cargo capacity that Honda afforded the Pilot. 

Land Rover’s 2021 Range Rover SUV offers the most room for tall people

The 2021 Land Rover Range Rover starts at $92,000 and it takes comfortable luxury to the next level. This SUV is unique in that the front and rear seats have nearly identical legroom with both rows offering around 40 inches, according to Land Rover’s webiste. Beautiful interior materials give this high-end option an air of opulence. 

For an agile SUV with room to spare, look at the Porsche Cayenne

Starting at $67,500 the Porsche Cayenne serves tall drivers with 42 inches of front legroom. The interior is loaded with high-tech features and comforts but that doesn’t mean it lacks power.

Porsche’s website tells us turbocharged V6 delivers 335 horsepower and can reach track speeds of over 150 miles per hour. Don’t sacrifice power and speed for extra space. 

BMW delivers fuel economy and space with the 2021 X7

Powerful acceleration combined with responsive handling makes the BMW X7 a sporty option. Buyers can choose between a traditional bench seat for the second row or two captain’s chairs. That second row offers an impressive 38 inches of legroom, according to BMW’s website, just two inches less than the front. The 2021 model starts at $74,900

Volvo displays eco-conscious luxury with the plug-in hybrid electric XC90 

The T8 eAWD Inscription Recharge XC90 is built for comfort with ventilated Nappa leather seats. It offers one of the roomiest 3rd rows of any SUV with 32 inches of legroom (per Volvo’s website). Unlike most SUVs, its third-row features two separate bucket-style seats with storage and personal cup holders. The front row has an ample 41 inches of legroom. There’s no bad seat in the CX90. 

Tall people looking for an SUV will love the comfort and performance found in the Audi Q7 


The 2020 BMW X7 M50i Has the Price to Match Its Power

The Audi Q7 is as comfortable as it is spacious. Audi has heavily revised the Q7 for 2021, which Audi’s website says starts at $55,000. High-tech comfort features like a heated steering wheel (available with the premium trim package) make this one of the most comfortable SUVs on the market. The front seat measures 59.5 inches across with 42 inches of forward legroom. Unlike many third-row vehicles, the Q7 doesn’t cut corners on rear passenger legroom. The second-row boasts 39 inches of legroom. The third row offers 29 inches to stretch out